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I'm proud to announce the release of my new magazine Antiquated Game Player. I just released my first issue, the theme of which is Computers and Dragons. It has articles on Dungeon Crawlers, OSRIC, and reviews of games like Dark Sun: Shattered Lands and Curse of the Azure Bonds. Here's the blurb:

Antiquated Game Player is a magazine for the old school game player of both electronic and paper-based games. Journey back to a time when games were made to target niche audiences: role players, history buffs, wargamers, trekkies, and various other hobbyists. Featuring game reviews, genre surveys, historical explorations, game design analysis, and more, Antiquated Game Player is your source for in depth coverage of the past you long for or perhaps never got to experience!

The PDF is free and print copies are $7.50. Available here:

Please check it out!

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