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Accepted Students Day
ACCEPTED STUDENTS DAY @ RIC During accepted students day, it was a chance for me to accomplish one of my weaknesses, which is being able to be head on in the public eye talking about the things that I love. When first arriving to this event, I was talking t...

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TED TALK: Next Generation
Listening to this session made me think a lot about my life and the many situations that I am facing now at 20 years old. For a long time in my life I have talked about all of the things that I wanted to do and dreamed of the ways that I would do it and ove...

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Social Justice Event_ Turkey at the Boys and Girls Club
  The day before Thanksgiving at the Boys and Girls club, we gave out Turkeys, canned goods, and other things that typically goes along with a Thanksgiving dinner. Upon arriving to my site, I did not know that we were going to passing out Turkeys, but when ...

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Uncovering and managing unconscious ways....Corinne Mckamey_
QUOTES   ·          “Thompson (1998) and Rolon Dow (2005) caution that
White…assumptions over the experiences and assumptions held by their students
of colour. I found this cautionary warning to be true in my own research
study.” When I read this part of th...

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Paradoxical Pathways By_ Elliot Weininger and Annette Lareau
REFLECTION When I was growing up I was expected to do many things
on my own and my parents, especially my mom, depended on me being her little
helper around the house and with my brother. Being her oldest child I learned
quite a few skills early on because ...

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Real Voices, Real talk
(Promising Practices)     I
attended Promising Practices last year and really enjoyed it, and this year the
result was just the same. The panel discussion was great and to hear from so
many varying and unique speakers was an experience worthwhile within its...

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Student Voices from Middle Grades: Five ways teachers can help us do our best by__ Cervone, Cushman and Rogers
( Student
Voices from Middle Grades: Five ways teachers can help us do our best By:
Barbara Cervone, Kathleen Cushman and Laura Rogers Going
through k-12 I found that my most critical and   need to be recognized part of my life was during midd...

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YIA Documentary & In a World Where Youth Hold the Power by: Adeola A. Oredola
CONNECTION I first watched the YIA documentary and as I listened, it began to remind me of many things that we have talked about thus far in class. The first thing that I connected this documentary to was the power point and the discussion that we had in cl...

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Hi Guys this is my resume. Corinne asked me to post it, hopefully it gives you guys some ideas on how to create and organize yours if you have not already done so. Good luck on internships everyone !!!!!!! :-)  Tiarra Townsend 629
Douglas Ave. Apt. 1, Provi...

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Positive Youth Development by: Jutta Dotterweich
REFLECTION In this blog I will be talking about Prevention Research on youth. The slide that I had to focus on talked about the Risk fact...
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