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If you suspect that your own workplace is too noisy, here are some clues that you’re right. From the OSHA website:

- You hear ringing or humming in your ears when you leave work.
- You have to shout to be heard by a coworker an arm's length away.
- You experience temporary hearing loss when leaving work.

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Quiet Promotes Healing

At the time of installation, Rita Romano, then the director of environmental services said, "We recognize that a healing environment is a quiet environment. Patients in a quieter environment heal better." Romano went on to say, “Staff may become distracted or have trouble hearing orders. Noise in the environment can contribute to medical errors."

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Hospitals, nurse's stations and waiting rooms! The interactive Yacker Tracker sound meter can be useful for many applications.

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All the best for everyone to have the best year ever in 2017!

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Wish everyone a joyous and safe holiday this year!

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A Quieter Day Care!

Don’t you just love children? They fill your heart and your soul. They bring you joy and almost more smiles than anyone is entitled to. Those are probably just a few of the reasons that you either own a daycare facility or work in one. You might have your own business at your home, or you might work for a corporation dealing with the children of employees. You might be part of an organization that takes care of children after school. In any of these situations the kids you work with can be anywhere from infant age up to mid-teens. Whether you deal with two or two hundred children on a daily basis, you certainly know how much attention and concentration and good will it takes!

Amidst all of the activities and eating and naps and lessons, does just the sound of the room ever get to be too much for you? Do you ever feel as though you’re not interacting with normal children but with children raised by wolves? You’re not alone. And we have just what you need!

A Yacker Tracker will tell children of all ages, leaving out the infants, when noise is too much noise. You set the level that is acceptable, and when the noise in the room exceeds that, the Yacker Tracker changes color and the siren/speaker will come on. Learning how to control themselves is a plus of day care. You teach and show kids not to kick each other, or pull each other’s hair, or eat someone else’s lunch. You teach them how to share and how to be kind and how to play together. The Yacker Tracker is another piece of the puzzle. Kids making noise is a normal part of life. You’re reaching for an aspirin every hour is not.

Once kids learn to control their “inside” and “outside” voices you may be surprised by the gratitude that their parents genuinely feel. And a lack of ear-splitting noise will make whatever day care you work in a happier place.

Please See our Products and select the one that’s right for you! We’d be delighted to be part of making your day as calm and productive as possible.

Yacker Tracker™
by AGI – Attention Getters, Inc™
Yacker Tracker Website


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It’s normal to want to go on vacation and party. Kick off your shoes and have a great time. But frequently the kinds of parties you might have in a short-term rental aren’t the same as the ones you’d have in your own home... [...]

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If a problem should arise, we have made available printable instructions and troubleshooting guides on our site.

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Summertime is just around the corner!
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