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[Fedora Classroom] Fedora QA 101 and 102
This post will be summing up what we will be covering as a part of Fedora QA classroom this season. The idea is to understand how to do things the right way and to increase contributors. The topics covered will be: 1. Working with
Fedora 2. Installing on VM...

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Automating Lights with PIR sensor and Arduino on Fedora
This is POC post about how you can start automating lights or a rooms , staircases and much more smartly and then normal switchboards do. The whole point of illuminating a room is to make sure the people who go in stay fine because , entering a dark room fo...

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Rocket on Fedora
This post is a very small example of how you can start creating small web apps with Rocket which extensively uses Rust under the hood. This post will just give an idea about how to get started if you are totally new to rust. Rocket is a web framework for Ru...

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Fedora Media Writer Test Day 2017-04-20
Fedora Media Writer , is a very handy tool to create live USB media. This became the primary downloadable in Fedora 25. We ran a test day installment to check for 3 major OS Windows , Mac OS and Fedora. The test day focused on writing Fedora images (worksta...

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[Test Day Report]Anaconda BlivetGUI test day
Hey Testers, I just wanted to pitch in the test day report for
Anaconda BlivetGUI Test Day. It was a huge success and we had about 28
testers (many new faces) . Testers : 28 Bugs Filed:[12] 1. 2.https://b...

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[Test Day Annoucement] Anaconda Blivet GUI
Thursday 2017-04-06 will be Anaconda Blivet-GUI Test Day ! As part of this planned Change for Fedora 26, So this is an important Test Day! We'll
be testing the new detailed bottom-up configuration screen has been
long requested by users and inclusion of b...

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Kernel testing made easy!
Hey Folks , this is sincere effort to bring into notice that people who want to stay on top of the game in terms of bleeding edge. The most important part is to check if the kernel version is supporting your system fine. If it does , then its awesome but if...

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Contributing to Taskotron and Other Fedora QA tools

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This weekend , Kanika and me went down to SJCE,Mysore to give a talk on Github and Web VR on their annual open source fest - FOSSCamp.     Thanks to Sujan K. and all the SJCE for hosting us. The talk was scheduled from 2:30pm -5:30pm in one of the labs with...

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FUDCon Phnom Phen , Cambodia
This post is going to be about FUDCon APAC 2016 where I presented on Fedora QA and Web VR . My journey started from Bangalore , IN via Thailand and ending at Phenom Phen Cambodia. Although it was a long journey but it was fun ! Let me start from the point w...
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