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Thru the haze....cycle to work......hard to breathe thru the mask......
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20 years ago (when I used to go the centre daily), quite a few London cyclists wore masks.
the "Congestion Charge" (introduced 11 years ago) made the central area SO much nicer!
Have you tried M3 cool flow dust masks? I thought about them for work but for work those are cheaper you know.
Oh man I'm so glad we don't have to worry about that.
Sam Loh
Trying to look for the smaller clip-on nostril charcoal filter thingy,  very hard to find, still waiting for my pharmacy to bring it in.....
That sucks.  Glad you're part of the solution.
Sam Loh
If one wonders what haze is like :

1) pile some dry leaves &
    some garbage together,
2) start fire on the said pile
   and after awhile,  white
   smoke will appear from
3) once it's burning, put
   your face over the white
   smoke,  now you know....
Sam Loh
Just got home. The haze reading is even worse in the evening.  Just got home. My skin itched,  alot.  Damn it.
That's crazy that's it does that. I'm going to a home improvement store today want me to pick you up some of those masks!? Shipping to Malaysia couldn't be that bad right? Lol
Sam Loh
Thanx +Tylor Gransbergen on the mask offer, but if you can convince the Indonesian country/government to stop the forest clearing by fire matter - that wud be superb.  It wud help at least 3 countries frm haze.
Well you know I can't do that! But I'm also ordering pedals today I could have sent a pack your way to give them a try man. You got 12 hours till I'm off of work to think about it ;-)  lol

I wear the ones you have on when I'm demolishing stuff and that sucks I couldn't imagine trying to breath though one while riding.

I want to get a real respirator for work.
Sam Loh
Thx +Tylor Gransbergen, i've asked my nearby pharmacy to source a better mask for me.  So at the meantime, i've to use the one in the picture....
Yup well hopefully they follow through. There's a link for ya at lest. Have a good one Sam. Going to work!  
Wow, I don't know what I'd do if I lived someplace where wood smoke was a perpetual hazard. 
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