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Sunrise At Steptoe Butte

Just uploaded a new photo to +500px. This one was taken during sunrise at Steptoe Butte in the Palouse Region of Washington State. You're basically on top of a hill with a 360 degree view of the beautiful rolling fields all around you. The hardest part about being there is figuring out which photo you want to take. It's like being a kid in a candy store - every direction you look, the scenery is amazing. 

As always, more over on my blog at
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Lovely light, great shot.
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I love this photo!

This came across my photo stream over on +500px! Love it! Not just because it’s freakin’ gorgeous (which it is), but because it shows that it’s more about where you put your camera, than using the most expensive gear out there. He used a Nikon D7000 for this, which is literally thousands of dollars less than the higher end DSLRs that are out there. I SOOO want to go here by the way :-)

#photography   #landscapephotography   #ocean  
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I thought that was Thors Well in Oregon at first.  It's on my Very cool
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Matt Kloskowski

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Looks like I great show today! Make sure you tune in. Awesome idea. Wish I was there!
The Grid: Photo Rescue
Hey guys... tomorrow on The Grid I will be joined by +Pete Collins  to do a first ever Photo Rescue. 

Here's the deal.  Go to   If you have an image that you like, but you feel is missing something Just send it to us! We will pick several images from the submission page (and a couple from the chat) and go over what you can do to them using #Lightroom   #Photoshop   and plugins live on the show.  you can even suggest changes to an image while we are working on it.  Petes rocking the   #Wacom   so he can get all artsy too if need be!

Tune in tomorrow, 4PM ET at
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Fall Photography At the Dallas Divide in Colorado

I posted a story and trip recap over on my blog today ( about my trip to Ouray #Colorado to photograph the changing leaves and fall colors. What an amazing place! The leaves and colors were just about perfect and we even got a little snow. 

The above photo is from a location called the Dallas Divide at sunrise. It's basically an overlook on the San Juan mountain range. The photo was shot with a Nikon D800, Tamron 24-70mm, and processed with +Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, and +onOne Software Perfect Effects. 

More photos and stories to go along with them over on my blog:

#photography   #fall  
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Hello Matt omg beautiful great job best of best looking show shot photos 
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Matt Kloskowski

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The Live Print Show On The Grid Today

+RC Concepcion and I are doing a live printing show on our weekly talk show, The Grid today. We'll be going over things like why you need to print (and trust me, it's not the usual explanation), the state of printing today, as well as taking your questions on how to get a great print. We'll talk about papers and we'll be printing live on the show with tips and tricks on getting what you see on screen to look like what comes out of the printer - and we're even unboxing some prints from our Lab (+Mpix). 

When: 4pm Eastern Time

Hope you can stop in and join us :-)
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C Lee
Great show but you missed one thing. INK INK INK INK dif types,cheaper alternatives,Refills
cartridges and cps systems. I would love to see a future show on this. Thanks
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Have him in circles
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Matt Kloskowski

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Blind Photo Critiques Coming at 4pm Today

It's not too late to submit your photos. We've got special guest, Tom Bol in the studio, and I'm sure he's going to add a lot to the show. 

Hope to see you there! :)
Quick reminder: today's the day -- submit your images for review on today's "Blind Photo Critiques" episode of "The Grid"

Tom Bol is our in-studio guest, and it's going to be awesome (because Tom is awesome). Here's the link to submit: ---- then we'll see you (and hopefully your images) at 4pm today. :)
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His do you submit photos??? I'd love to get mine on there 
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Matt Kloskowski

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About to go live on The Grid with the awesome and talented +Tamara Lackey. Tamara has some awesome tips on posing, children and family photography as well as some great business advice. We start at 4pm ET and you can join in live on the discussion. Watch it live at 
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Hi Matt. How would I go about getting my photos onto the grid? It would be great to get some feedback on what you think.

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Matt Kloskowski

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We'll be going live on The Grid in just 30 minutes. Be sure to tune it at
Today, on "The Grid": A Different Perspective on this Past Week’s Photo Industry Scandals, PLUS How to Not Hate HDR

This week’s episode of “The Grid” should be a wild one, as we’re talking about the recent scandals within the photography industry (but we have a different perspective on them), PLUS how to not totally hate HDR. You do not want to miss this episode, which airs in 2-1/2 hours (at 4pm) from now LIVE at this link:  
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 Hi Matt
I have a problem and really hope you can help me please.
Can you tell me what does, plugin in entry poin not found means and how can I fix it?  My Pse gives me this message everytime when I try to open or import  a png file.  My other problem is, that my organizer doesn't open any more because Photoshop can't find the Javascript  plugin. I have un-install it 4 times and install it 4 times because Pse refused to work at first.

Thank you in advance, Sonja
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Matt Kloskowski

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The Coolness of Written Notes

In this age of email, texts, and everything digital I've forgotten how cool it is to get a written note. Even though I know it takes time write an email, there's just something about a hand-written note that makes you feel that this person really took time/thought/energy to sit down and craft something - and then place it in the mail.
This is from a friend of mine +Levi Sim who I got to spend some time with at Photoshop World. Thanks Levi. You TOTALLY made my day! :-)
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I don't know anyone who gets a hand-written card or letter that doesn't really appreciate it.  It is the little things that make all the difference to the people you care about....
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Matt Kloskowski

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I've always been a fan of shooting into the sun but this TOTALLY takes it up a level! WOW!
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ps your photos are amazeballs. O.O bows down lol
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