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Sam Stone
Freelance writer, offering technical, corporate, copy and feature writing Also blogger @
Freelance writer, offering technical, corporate, copy and feature writing Also blogger @

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The week that was....TWENTY SEVEN
After arriving home on Saturday from our wonderful Hawaiian holiday I smacked into Sunday with an awful sense of foreboding and anxiety about being back to "real life" and having to face the work week. Throw into my pot of overwhelm some emotional issues th...

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Our Hawaii Trip - Week One
The view from our room Monday, 19 June 2017 The fam bam and I boarded a Jetstar flight (picked up in the massive sales they had) to Honolulu, Hawaii. Nine and half hours of flight! Give me strength. The idea was to fly during the night and try to get some s...

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The week that was....NINETEEN through TWENTY FIVE
Sometimes the days are hard and sometimes they are even harder. You know the ones where you just don't want to get out of bed. I feel like that is what it has been like lately. It is been so long since my last blog post. I have so many thoughts, fears, hope...

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The week that was....EIGHTEEN
What a manic week! I have hit the weekend totally exhausted. It started like any other - Monday night dinner at the neighbours, always fantastic. Tuesday passed by rather uneventfully. Then my boss arrived from New Zealand on Wednesday, it seems to always b...

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The week that was...SEVENTEEN
I know I say this more often than not, but holy shit, time is flying! Even my eight year old said it to me this week - so it must be true! This week was once again peppered with headaches that culminated into a migraine. Seriously life altering and somethin...

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The week that was....SIXTEEN
After hitting up the football on Good Friday, I was in bed for the next two days with a migraine - oh the joys. Which caused me to miss a night at the ballet with Hubby, cue devastation. DAMN Headaches! I just wish there was a way to get rid of them. They h...

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The week that was....FOURTEEN & FIFTEEN
Another two weeks jammed into one post! Oh the indignity. Have to admit though, not much to report for these two weeks. Life just plodded along, day after day and turned into two weeks. School holidays commenced in NSW. I took my little miss to the office o...

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The week that was....THIRTEEN
Saturday 25 March to Sunday 2 April has been a massive, emotional, fun-packed week!! Saturday 25 March was the wedding of the year - two of our closest friends got hitched...on our wedding anniversary! No better date to get married in my opinion. G-Bear is ...

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The weeks that were....ELEVEN & TWELVE
I can't even remember why I didn't blog last week. Digging in my memory, perhaps it was a bad headache on Sunday. I've had a couple this week. But on the bright side, I have decided it's time to  be happy again. Work is settling down after my boss and I sta...

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The week that was....TEN
There was only one place to go after last week and that was UP! Literally spent so many hours this week talking to my boss about how we could work together to make my life easier. I am very fortunate he is so supportive. We have already started to put some ...
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