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Patrizia Melis
"La vita non si misura dai respiri che facciamo ma dai momenti che ci tolgono il respiro".
"La vita non si misura dai respiri che facciamo ma dai momenti che ci tolgono il respiro".


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“Non bisogna avere il culto della tolleranza, ma la capacità di sorvolare sulle cose piccole e insignificanti ;) quando però siamo davvero feriti, bisogna agire immediatamente.”

M. Venturi

Buon inizio di settimana a tutti! ;D

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“Amore è la virtù del Cuore,
Sincerità la virtù della Mente,
Decisione la virtù della Volontà,
Coraggio la virtù dello Spirito.”
My Favorite Photos 2018
Did I mention that I love bokehlicious shots..? This one is even a bit more abstract than the first.

With G+ shutting down rather sooner than later, find me 2019 on
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Happy weekend everyone! :D
After catching a glimpse of the dolphins, they disappeared, so I decided to find a quiet spot for lunch and cut the engine. Soon after I heard something I had never heard before. With no boats anywhere to be seen and surrounded only by wilderness, what was this strange sound? It was like an engine revving up.

And then the dolphin games began!

It turns out the sound was hundreds of dolphins all speeding up under water getting ready for what was the most incredible acrobatic show of marine mammals I have ever seen.

More photos on the blog:

#photography #travel #dolphin #vancouverisland #britishcolumbia #animal #animalphotography #wildlife #wildlifephotography
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“E serve pane e fortuna
Serve vino e coraggio
Soprattutto ci vogliono
Le luci d’America
Si accende lo spettacolo
Le luci che ti scappano dall’ANIMA”

Luciano Ligabue
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Parole grandi con un dito
Che sbiadiranno solo per metà ma che riscriveremo ancora

Paola Turci, “la bellezza è negli occhi di chi guarda” :)
Dear friends, I have been absence for some time after my fathers dead.

I don't know how many of you already have left G+ :)

One thing I can promise you is that I intend to continue sharing my photos until the very end of G+. Here I have found a great audience, which I appreciate a lot.
Being in G+ is like having af family. Your kindness and friendships are valuable.

You have been a inspiration to me. Thank you! :)

I wish you a happy week! :)

Greetings, Jan

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder
~ Plato


#macro #macrophotography #Dahlia #flower #love #life #sunshine #sun #shadows #yellow #red #bokeh #Denmark

#myfpod +My Fav Pic of the Day

#flowercolor +//flower colors//8angeliclabru
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#flowerpower +FLOWER POWER

#BTPMacroPro+BTP Macro Pro . owned by +Nancy Dempsey ,curated by +Kenny Jones

#BTPFlowerPro+BTP Flower Pro . owned by +Nancy Dempsey ,curated by +Иванка Гущерова

#hqspmacro for +HQSP Macro
#hqspflowers for +HQSP Flowers

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“La verità era uno specchio che cadendo dal cielo si ruppe.
Ciascuno ne prese un pezzo e vedendo riflessa in esso la propria immagine, credette di possedere l’intera verità.”


Uno spunto di riflessione per i tanti che giudicano e sentenziano spesso in modo spicciolo e immediato, pensando di sapere sempre tutto sugli altri...
Persone che non si fermano a “guardare” che vivono solo di impressioni. ;)
Snowflake-a-Day No. 42
Like an ornate veggies & dip platter, this snowflake has some remarkable hidden details. Something I see very seldom: overlapping bubbles without any additional complex scenarios. Let’s dive into the details!

It might be helpful to see this key feature up close, so here is a blown-up version of the center of this snowflake, with some bubbles that look like crossed bandages in the center: . This is cool, because it means that two bubbles formed at different layers within the same prism facet of a snowflake under what would otherwise be considered “normal” growth conditions. You can tell they are separate by a faint overlap in their shadows as well.

Usually, a bubble forming by this method would be a cavity in the very center of the ice where the access to water vapour was a little less. The lack of building blocks means that the very center of any facet is likely to grow slower than the outer edges, with the corners growing the fastest (that’s where the branches form). To have two bubbles, each at different unknown distances from the center or the edges of the prism facet, throw a wrench into this logic. I’m not sure I have a model to describe this, but it’s definitely an exceptional circumstance or it would be seen more readily.

If I measure the distance between the bottom bubble and the shadow, I get 35px. If I measure the top bubble to its shadow, I get 42px. A seven pixel difference between the two, vs the shadow distance which would be the distance between the bubble and the rear surface of the snowflake, is very minor. The two bubbles are forming right on top of each-other, not evenly spaced on either side of the center which might be possible in a “crystal twinning” scenario. These distances are a clue, but not enough of one to solve the puzzle because there are no other signs of crystal twinning here.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a beautiful and mostly symmetrical snowflake that has many merits, but I value it significantly more because it has a mystery. Something that I will be going to bed with tonight and ponder in my dreams. These curiosities never end, as there will never be an end to new snowflakes… so long as we can get this climate change thing in check! Even then I have archives of many, many hundreds of snowflakes to share if no more avail themselves to me in the decades to come. :)

Like science? Like puzzles? Like photography? If you checked at least two of those boxes, you need a copy of Sky Crystals: - check out the book, but also the poster print if you just want to stare into 2500 hours worth of work depicting the pristine complexity of The Snowflake.
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“Perché la vita corre in fretta e non c’è tempo di aspettare
Che sia tu, la sola ferma In tutto questo mare
E potrei stare qui in eterno ferma, STANDOTI A GUARDARE
Come un continente, un mondo nuovo da Esplorare...
Ma comunque vada
Se avrai torto o ragione per me
Non sarà importante
E senza dubbi ed incertezze
Inganni, scuse o debolezze io
In ogni giorno, in ogni ISTANTE


Airport or Aircraft Carrier?

Sitka, Alaska after takeoff. Can you see the runway? Or is that an aircraft carrier? Click the image to make it bigger.

The runway is manmade and juts out into the bay. No taxiway here. You taxi down the runway, turn around and take off. Out the window all you see is water......

Google+ is closing soon. Find other sites I am active on.
Be sure to follow my Flickr, IG, or Blog
IG: @wildernessphotographer
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“...e dei miei pensieri sei tu il punto fermo
quando tu non ci sei, sei nell’aria che respiro
Sei nel cuore oro, luce e ossigeno “


Buona domenica a tutti! :)

Family 💜🌈💜 hope you are with someone u love right now Sunday #vibes
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“Com’è triste e Pio il lontanar d’un ultimo saluto “

G. Pascoli
Let it shine……Have a beautiful day my dear friends :))

#myfavpicoftheday +My Fav Pic of the Day
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Good week everyone! :)
Language Of The Heart..**
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