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Extremism in a (Relatively) Healthy Economy
If an alien dropped into the United States this week, they would
be forgiven for thinking our country was in the direst of straits.
 Recent headlines have screamed out, "Fire and Fury",
"DEATH & HATE", "In Chilling Nuclear Terms, Trump Warns
North Korea".  ...

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Review of the Inner Lives of Markets
The Inner Lives of Markets - Fisman and Sullivan New types of markets (for example Ebay, Uber or Airbnb) are an ever-growing part of our lives whether we are aware of it or not.  The authors argue that the answer lies somewhere between the free-market ideal...

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Executive Action on Refugee Program - Unnecessary and Counterproductive
The controversy surrounding the Trump administration continued with the executive order temporarily banning travel from seven Muslim-majority countries.   Proponents claim this is a necessary move (and a follow-through on a Trump campaign promise) to increa...

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Voter Fraud.. You talking about voter fraud??
A main issue that Trump ran on during the 2016 Presidental Election was voter fraud.  Purportedly, millions upon millions of people were voting illegally, swinging elections to the Democrats and overall causing a degradation of our democracy.  Even after wi...

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German Response to European Immigration and Refugee Crisis Creates Opportunities for Daimler and Siemens
(Originally Published on 2/16) Recent news coverage of the European Migration Crisis has tended
to focus on the potential negatives of this situation, while neglecting the
possible opportunities that an influx of immigrants present for European companies,

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Tax Incentives: Benefit or Future Burden?
The fairness of tax system debate took an interesting turn this week as the European Commission ruled that tax deals granted to Starbucks and Fiat amounted to illegal state subsidies.   This could prove to be a landmark decision as countries have increasing...

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Infrastructure: The Curious Case of Bipartisan Support and Lack of Action
Infrastructure!  Many seem to agree that the US is in dire need of an infrastructure upgrade. The Chamber of Commerce points out that "o ur interstate system is nearly 70 years old, and more than 61,000 bridges are labeled as deficient."  Even budget  consc...

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The Dilemma of China
Cisco's recently announced partnership with Chinese server maker Insur group illustrates the evolving challenges companies are facing as they attempt to thrive in China.  With slowing global growth, finding success in China's market is increasingly imperati...

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Big Data in Healthcare
Big Data in Healthcare By:
Michael Putnam An omnipresent buzzword, “big data” is currently having an enormous effect on
the healthcare industry.  Providers and insurance
companies are attempting to utilize big data to further understand their patients
and l...

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Rising Investment in Healthcare
The Affordable Care Act has caused a massive shake-up of the healthcare
industry in a variety of ways. While mainstream press coverage has primarily
focused on the political implications, the healthcare business landscape has
radically changed due to new in...
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