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Christian Zöller

Do you have some advice how to structure a git repository for Android Apps? It always ends in a chaos, at least when adding Librarys. I couldn't find a guide for this. Are there any repositories you could suggest? Or even a scaffolding project to fork.

Hi! I'm looking for a platform to find and offer programming teams/team-member for (non-commercial) projects. I think it's elementary to program in a team to improve my skills. Do you know such platforms?

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One thing about Google Now Weather UI, that really drives me crazy. The slider tip doesn't point to the mark.  Thought an arrow is meant to do so.. Maybe that's device specific (SGNexus)
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Hey guys. I want to know if I could test GAE without costs. Is there an option to limit the hits or close the site after reaching an amount of hits?
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