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Looonnng loonngg Time!
It's been sooooo long since I wrote my
last post. I was busy here, there and nowhere. Actually, when I look back I
feel I was lost in a nowhere land.  I am here again
with my super bored routine life where I find solace in writing. May be its
crap. But at l...

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Jai Hind!
The current state of the nation disturbs
me....and I am sure that rest aam janta too is disturbed. All I know is that
there are just a few people who are creating a chaos in the nation. Why? I don't know. All I know is, all this is
not required. Only if I c...

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Flowers, Me & Him!
  “This post is a part of  #LoveAndLaughter  activity at  BlogAdda  in association with  Caratlane .”

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Hope is that rope where you hang your dreams! - By ME :) You can either get going on that dream or sit back and watch. It's your life and no one can decide for you.  I have a dream....have it roped. But I really don't know how to go about it. There are many...

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Tolerance towards Maggi..Maggi...Maggi!
Maggi is back...with a bang. The ads are all over, leave ads, Maggi is all all the supermarkets, in all the small kirana stores and may be houses too. Not sure though.  Whenever I see that advertisement....."मेरी माँ सही थी, मैं भी सही हूँ", that ...

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Disappointed with you, Flipkart!
I am angry...disappointed.... Sad! With you....flipkart. I have been almost a regular customer of flipkart until flipkart itself discouraged me to the extent of moving to other online shopping sites. Literally & Actually! 1: can't force me t...

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Thing to remember when doing painting!
I have a
friend who has somewhat better idea of painting been done and all but I know
there are many people who have no idea of painting and the fallouts and some
benefits.  I am not
an expert on painting but there are few suggestions which my friend told

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Painting Shock!!!
I have never got my
house painted ever....rather I have not even seen any painting been done at my
mom's place! Whenever we used to be away in the boarding school, all these
painting and all the jhamela used to happen and never with all of us around.  All I...

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Mom the strongest!!!
I think there was no better time than
this for writing a blog about giving my mommy a de-stress therapy! Here I
go.... It so happened that my father had to go
for his routine check up. This time though, it was decided that we should get
this done in a best-...

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Tiny little Angel!
I am sharing my #MemoriesOfMotherhood with Bio Oil and  BlogAdda . This Mother’s Day check out the  Yummy Mummy calendar  and  make a similar calendar of your own using the  Bio Oil App .
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