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Tesla's death
7th January, 1943.
#TodaysMemory  +Simona AN +Today's Memory 
Tesla died in a hotel suite 3327 at 33 floor of the New Yorker Hotel, 7th January in 1943. age 87. It was officially recorded as having died of coronary thrombosis. Despite the sale of patents in the field of alternating current, Tesla died poor and in debt. On this occasion, Mayor of New York LaGuardia said:
Nikola Tesla died. He died poor, but he was one of the most helpful people who have ever lived . What is created is great, and, as time passes, it becomes even greater.  
Funeral was held 12. January in the Church of St. John the Divine in Manhattan, New York.  After the service the body was cremated . The ceremony was attended by about 2000 people, among whom were many significant figures and Nobel laureates. All the leading New York newspapers had their own reporters.

Urn with Tesla residues in the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade.
At the funeral played his friend, violinist Zlatko Baloković, then one of the greatest virtuosos in the world, accompanied by Slovenian choir Slovan, and, at Tesla's request, Schubert's first song  "Ave Maria"  and then Serbian song  "There away". It was noted and memorable farewell speech former Mayor of New York Fjorela Henry LaGuardia.
Later, in 1943. The U.S. Supreme Court returned the Tesla patent rights to 645,576  recognizing its primacy on the radio patent.
Soon after Tesla's death, the FBI had asked the Immigration Service seizure of all the deceased's personal belongings and documents, although Tesla was a U.S. citizen. Later, the Defense Department contacted the FBI, and Tesla's declared top secret documents. All Tesla's personal property by order of J. Edgar Hoover and the President's advisor is labeled  *highly confidential*  because of the nature of Tesla's inventions and patents .
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Supposedly founder of ZPE tech, one of the greats...
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It's Transgender Awareness Month.

Also depending on who you ask it's Trans Week or the week before Transgender Awareness Week. There is a subtle but pertinent lack of coordination among the community.

The one thing we CAN count on though is the first 20 days of November will lead up to #TDOR or Transgender Day of Remembrance, where we look back at the Transpeople who have lost their lives at the hands of intolerance.

This year there are over 60 names people on the list (There are a handful of unidentified persons that need to be honored.) that have died since Nov. 20th 2012.

Sadly the list does not include suicides. The rate of suicide in the transgender community is 41% which makes up 50% of the rate of the LGBT as a whole, and is 25 times the national average of 1.6%.

Since there has been systematic erasure and community wide denial of Transgender or multi-gender constructs, the amount of coverage given to these victims is severely lacking. Which is why it is ever so important to honor these people; if we don't there's a good chance no one will.

I am (most likely) hosting the TDOR on my campus, and will be participating in the official event. I have already made myself acquainted with the long, brutal, and depressing list; so now I will bring it to you, 3 people per day until November 20th.

I will also be uploading links full of information, history, statistics, and situations that may/will be triggering. I will include warnings at the top, however I will not exclude anyone from seeing these posts.

I also encourage you to share them, discuss them, ask questions of myself or others, and contribute yourself!

That's the point of AWARENESS!

#Trans #Transgender #TransgenderDayOfRemembrance #Transman #Transwoman #Transpeople
#MTF #FTM #Gender #Victims #HateCrime #HateCrimes #Assault #Murder #Bullying #Suicide #STOPIT
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Needed to clear my head, nothing like the vast blue ocean to remind you of your insignificance in this universe.

sometimes it's important to realize the world doesn't revolve around you. 
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whats new
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Oh damnit. it's that time again.
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I picked a good day to not be a door-to-door salesman. 
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Greetings from Central California. 
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Annabelle Salamanca (Ian)

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Yep...In a nutshell.
Netherlands: Glow in the dark highways

Makes even more sense than cats-eyes in the UK

Insight: "Having already won Best Future Concept at the Dutch Design Awards, the Smart Highway will replace the usual road markings with photoluminescent powder that charges with daylight to glow at night.

Not only will the road markings shine at night, but the highways will light up with snowflakes when the temperature drops below zero to warn drivers of possible ice. Next steps for the highways include lights that turn on just when cars pass by to save energy, as well as “induction lanes” that can charge electric cars on the road."

Tags: #innovation   #transport  
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Via +Hari Bhanu, some #Tentacthulhu  architecture for your day.

Per the original IO9 article's comments, there's also this:

Image Source:

Article Link:
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At a wedding! 
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Another life ago. 
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It's too hot to work today! Door-to-dooring makes for unfriendlies, the heat makes then worse.

Enjoy some Ray 
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Hey everyone! So I apologize for not issuing my second installment of This Week in Sustainability, I hope you liked it, I sure did! Check it


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