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William Brinkman
I'm the guy behind The Bolingbrook Babbler!
I'm the guy behind The Bolingbrook Babbler!

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The Space Pope returns!
By Reporter X The 109,298,291 Circuit Court, based in Bolingbrook’s Clow UFO Base, denied the Universal Catholic Church (UCC) motion to suppress’s NASA’s findings about Trappist-1. According to lawyers representing Space Pope,  Pope Lacoxo MMX, God…

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By Reporter X Bolingbrook Mayor Roger Claar ordered a lockdown of Clow UFO Base after invisible aliens picketed in front of his re-election campaign office. Claar made the announcement over the intercom: “All off-base passes are revoked for visitors.  All…

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Remember, don't talk to them!
Minnesota Talking Land Squids spotted in Bolingbrook
Dozens of Bolingbrook residents have spotted Minnesota Talking Land Squids, according to the Department of Paranormal Affairs. “Minnesota Talking Land Squids are normally not physically aggressive towards humans,” said Marcus Z. Anderson, spokesperson for t...

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Illuminati adds Skeptics Guide to the Universe to target list
The Illuminati will now target the Skeptics Guide to the Universe podcast as part of its offensive against fact checking organizations. Blue Standard Bearer Regina made the announcement during a meeting with Bolingbrook mayor Roger Claar.   “The SGU is rank...

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Very illuminating. 
Alex Jones wins Illuminati’s 2016 Man of the Year award
The Illuminati announced Alex Jones as its winner of the 2016 Man of the Year award during a ceremony at the Bolingbrook Golf Club. Mayor Roger Claar introduced Jones, who hosts the radio and internet show InfoWars .  “For too many years, I was moderate Rep...

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Report: US communists ‘woefully unprepared for the revolution’
While the communists in the United States hate President-elect Donald Trump, a new study by a Bolingbrook think-tank says they are “woefully unprepared for the revolution.” The study, conducted by the Bolingbrook Revolutionary Marxist Party, offers a brutal...

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Roger has a challenger. Is the NWO behind it?

New World Order recruits Jackie Traynere to run against Mayor Claar
Image from By Reporter X Sources confirm that the New World Order recruited Will County Board member Jackie Traynere to run against Bolingbrook Mayor Roger Claar .  The NWO hopes she can defeat defeat Claar, who defected to the Il...

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Illuminati takes over Clow UFO Base
By Reporter X Almost a week after making Donald Trump the President of the United States, the Illuminati regained control of Bolingbrook’s Clow UFO Base.   Over the weekend Illuminati disciples entered Clow and laid siege to the New World Order’s embassies ...

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Letters to the Editor: Time to vote!
By Doug Fields Reader’s Editor Our long national nightmare is almost over with.  Bolingbrook residents, along with the rest of the nation, will be voting for our next President.  Will we decide to make Hillary Clinton our first female President?  Will we ma...

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Naperville is getting ready...
Web exclusive: Naperville police “war game” election night.
During game seven of the World Series, the Naperville police department participated in an “intense war game” to prepare for the presidential election.   “Naperville has a reputation to uphold, and we’re entrusted to uphold that reputation.”  said one offic...
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