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Photos from remote-controlled flying drones offer an exciting new view of the world!

The equipment is now so accessible that the hobby supports its own Instagram-like site, called Dronestagram.
National Geographic partnered with them for their 2014 Dronestragram Photo Contest.
Check out the winners here!

Memento has worked with a professional photo drone operator at a big annual event where we were the "photo bosses." The results were spectacular. Our colleague built his own drone, well-ahead of the pack of new flyers. His is so big & powerful, he lifts a true DSLR, not just a GoPro. The video is absolutely cinematic. It would have meant renting a helicopter to get these shots in the old days (like two years ago). In fact, you couldn't have taken them at all: the noise & propwash of the huge chopper meant you couldn't fly above a solemn event like ours.

Like the eagle over Bali, you'll at the link, the drones are quiet enough to capture moments that were previously impossible.

Rewards | Dronestagram

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Phew! Finally finished our pro-shot e-commerce site.
I saved many of the best Blue Angels shots, which can be seen by clicking through at the blog post.

To see the whole set, be sure to click the big orange button at the blog post. There you'll see FULL SET of great shots from Fleet Week 2012.
Some of the shots are for sale, as you'll see while leafing through them.

Four people who've seen these shots at our studio have asked if I was up in a plane taking these.
Made me feel pretty good!
Nope, standing firmly on the ground.

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Plenty of our clients are headed to the Olympics.  We have recommended MILC type cameras for most of them.  Those who have bought them all LOVE them.  Great size/performance formula.

Check out the post to learn more about what they are, and why they're great.  Even Costco carries them now, which means something deep, I'm sure!

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Who knew metal prints could change your dreams?! A customer was kind enough to send us this note. Prints on metal really are spectacular. There's no way to really tell from a web image, but the effect in-person is immediate. If you need a framed photo, consider one of our attractive, convenient alternatives, like Prints on Metal.

The photo attached here is not the one this customer is talking about. But it illustrates an interesting way to use the medium.

Here's the customer's note to us:

I've had family photos on my desk forever. No one ever said anything. Then Memento did one on metal of my four children. Ever since people keep coming up to me and telling me what a great picture it is (also what great looking kids I have). One guy even said he had a dream about my picture, only with his kids in it. It's pretty weird actually. This is just a snapshot after all. But Memento really made it special.

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Ann Graff put together a great list of things to do with Kids in San Francisco. Check out her great slide show. I summarized (summer-ized?) her list, for easy reference in the moments when you're looking for stuff to do.

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OK, these new iPhone 4 cases are seriously cool. Justin is holding his below. The photo is printed on aluminum, which is the back of the case. Case edges are black plastic (also avail in white). The fit is nice and tight. They look really sleek on the phone. I don't like cases that bulk-up the phone.
These are slim and stylish.
Like Justin.

$29.95, ready as soon as an hour from now.

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"Hey Josh.... here is Jay with his PRINT!! He loved it!!! See the resemblance? Ha!
Thanks for your services..."
- Saul

Saul is an accomplished digital artist. He is also our client here at Memento. So when Saul's friend Jay got married down in Los Angeles, it was natural to create a great, original artwork as a gift.

The groom liked the canvas so much, he sent this photo of himself with the final product.

These canvases always seem to be a hit. And especially with Saul's beautiful work on them.

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Client Favorites (19 photos)
19 Photos - View album

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Hello World! Memento's G+ page has moved from its former "person" status to this new "company" status. We will be sending special offers to those who have us in their circles...

Starting now!

For a limited time, those who have us in their circles receive 100 FREE SCANS. The offer is limited to the first 10 people who redeem the offer. To redeem, just bring or ship us 100 or more photo prints. The prints should conform to our shoebox scanning rules, found at the link below.

More than 100 prints? Our shoebox rates are very low. But for you, our G+ Circle friends, they are EVEN LOWER! Take an additional 10% off our prices, during this offer.

Certain restrictions apply, offer ends soon, contact us for details.
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