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Jason Siin “Siin” Crawford
A healthy dose of insanity each day keeps a person sane.
A healthy dose of insanity each day keeps a person sane.

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Gonna crowdsource this issue:

I'm having issues with Flash slowing down to the point of stopping about 3-5 minutes in to whatever is playing. Youtube, FB Games, Music Vids, etc etc etc. Doesn't matter what site or what content. Sometimes it'll give me the error saying the script is causing the system to run slow, but neither continue nor stop script improves the issue.

Here's what's been done thus far:
*Verified it happens in multiple browsers. Both Chrome and Firefox.
*Uninstalled (with the Adobe uninstaller) Flash and reisntalled.
*To be safe, uninstalled and reisntalled both.
*Purged extra processes
*Purged all temp files/cache/etc
*Ran virus/malware checks with multiple independent services. All clean.
*Unable to do system restore due to lack of restore points.

So now that I've covered the basics, anyone got any ideas I've not covered yet, short of starting over?

So I'm going to start posting my status updates here more often.  Gonna link it to FB and see how many people I can drag over. FB's filtering of what I do and do not see is getting to me.  When I can't see my own wife's posts because FB has decided I don't interact enough or some nonsense, that's pretty much the line in the sand.

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So this is an event that happens every year, and has for nearly the past quarter century. And yet a lot of people don't know about it, or what it is.

So here's my plug for it. This is the Rio Grande Valley Celtic Festival. It's an honoring of all things celtic. The focus tends to be scottish and irish. You don't have to dress up. You just need to show up, enjoy the food, the vendors, and the entertainment.

This year there were fewer vendors, most likely due to the economy. But more importantly, people just don't now it's there. So pass the word. They are going on tomorrow as well, but in the past, Sunday was more for the games than the vendors.

The Games themselves are ancient ones brought into the modern times. Tossing a caber (20' log weighing almost 200lbs) end over end, tossing large weights over certain heights or distances, etc. This year they even have rugby matches going on.

All in all, it's a fun event. I try to go every year, and I want others to share in the enjoyment. If you missed it this year, you should try to make it next year. I'll post updates through the year now to remind people of it.

Hope to see you all there next year!

So here's the thing.... If you hurt yourself not following company procedures, or by doing something obviously dumb, you should not be able to get your company to pay for damages.

Case in point: Today I did a dumb using a shovel, and ended up on my ass. I hit my head when I hit the ground and my wrists hurt, likely because I tried to catch myself (don't really recall all the details of the impact itself). I mentioned the situation to my manager as a funny-don't-do-this scenario, and ended up having to do the incident report paperwork, just in case I needed medical attention.

Even if I did, I shouldn't be able to get the company to deal with it. My fault, my bad, my responsibility. It's the lawsuit happy morons who made it this way, where a company can't even protect itself from employee stupidity.


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This is so amazing. Had me rolling on the floor.

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