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Canalplan : The original and the best on-line route planner
Canalplan : The original and the best on-line route planner

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During September there were 8300 queries against the Boat Index.

The Top 10 Searched Boat Names were:

Lila B : 17
Kingfisher : 15
Tranquility : 14
Hecla : 13
Phoenix : 11
Free Spirit : 11
Serenity : 11
Elsa : 11
Destiny : 10
Sheba : 10
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CRT boat data has been merged into the Boat Index. All they ship is minimal detail on boats registered with them in the past year.. so if you've submitted updated details to them for your boat don't expect to see it reflected in the data we have....
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We had a major server failure over the weekend. We now have a new server up and running but it is possible that some parts of the site might misbehave as we had to do a lot of reconfiguration to get things running on new versions of the server software and utilities.
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Well Bugtrack seems to working well..... 
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Lots of work has been going on. We just keep forgetting to update this Google Page.

There may be some disruption to the site tonight as we are reconfiguring the firewall.
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Less than 3 hours work to reformat, cross check and merge the Broads Authority boat listings for 2015 in to the main boat listing!
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Boat Data for this year from The Environment Agency has now been merged into the Boat Index.
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Google will soon be retiring their "code" system which is what we use to track bugs for Canalplan. So we've been hard at work integrating a bug tracking system into Canalplan which means that if you are logged into Canalplan then you'll be able to log bugs and feature requests without needing a separate login
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Not a lot obvious work over the past couple of months but lots of stuff going through development, plus tweaks to the Boat Photos pages.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer boating.
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The Canalplan login system has now been upgraded to support logins using Google+  IDS - Google decided to remove their old authentication using gmail.
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