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Automated Income Tax Returns
To facilitate income tax processes, tax payers should have
the option to have their income taxes automatically processed each year after
initially registering for the service and providing all relevant information,
i.e. demographic information, filing statu...

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Why Technology Should Never Be Suppressed to Spare a Job and How Everyone Can Still Be Employed
I’m a major advocate for technological advancement, and
where technology can feasibly, intelligibly, and safely facilitate a process
and eliminate a job it should. Isn’t it wonderful that commercial cotton
pickers alleviated slaves of the exploitative task?...

Post has attachment and All Online Job Boards Should Have a Messaging/Inbox Feature and all online job boards should have a
messaging/inbox feature via which account holders can readily view responses
from their Indeed and/or other employment applications and via which messages
from other employment recruiters can be readily see...

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How to Create a Complete One-Page Resume Regardless of How Many Jobs You’ve Had
While visiting a DOL career center the other day, I received
what is actually the very best advice ever about writing a resume, one that clarifies an issue
that likely most people have with writing their resume is listing relevant employment
history or jobs...

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Needed Improvements to Jobs4TN Career Website
If you reside in the state of Tennessee and/or if you've ever utilized the Jobs4TN website , you are aware of some issues with the site that could possibly affect your employment prospects.One of the issues is the inability to give precise job titles for so...

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How TANF-Sponsored Childcare Should Really Work
Lack of childcare is a major employment barrier for many workers and prospective
hires, and child care services provided via programs like TANF are occasionally
exhausted in extensive job searches because the time clock on TANF-sponsored
child care continue...

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How DHS and DOL Should Properly Address Employment Blacklisting
The Department of Labor (DOL) and The Department of Human
Services (DHS) should address every issue that a client could be dealing with—including
employment blacklisting—that hampers their ability to find and sustain earnest and
safe employment. The clients...

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A Teen Employment Division of DOL Career Centers
I was
very surprised to learn that the Department of Labor does not offer help to
teen job seekers younger than 18-years-old. There are notices on DOL cork boards
about child labor laws and Job Corps, which is a job training program for 16 to
24-year-olds, ...

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Temp Employee Stores, Grooming, and Other Resources
Temp agencies and their employees would benefit in a major
way from having their own in-house employee stores that would market required
employee uniforms for employment assignments. Temp employees would not have to
spend perhaps considerable lengths of tim...

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Why It Should Be Unlawful for Companies to Ask or Answer the Re-hire Eligibility Question
The inclination is to believe the worst about the job
applicant when a previous employer indicates that they are not eligible for
re-hire, even when the reasons are not made clear to the inquiring employment
recruiter. Unfortunately, when unpleasant circums...
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