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I have to share some very tragic news.
Actually I was about to write you good news about the the fact that "Pure Energy 2012" climbed into the Top 20 and even some Top 10 of some download charts and wanted to say thank you all when I found the horrible news that the singer of that song passed away.
Words cannot express how I feel and how shocked I am to hear that Michal Friedman (aka Michal the Girl) - who sang for my just remade song "Pure Energy 2012" - died from the consequences of c-section complications during the birth of her newborn (and healthy) twins. I am deeply saddened and shocked. I express my heartfelt condolences to her family and friends.
We will miss you, Michal. You and your music will always live on in our hearts.

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Time for the next remix snippet!
For this special "Pure Energy 2012" remake I selected remixers very much on my personal ambition since their past or recent works meant/mean much to me!
One of them is Rolf Maier Bode. Most of you will remember him as a member of the legendary RMB - one of the most successful and influential rave projects from the 90s! After several years he is now back on the "dance track" with his new project Sound Tourist.
With this brilliant remix he proves that he still has his skills and passion for very sophisticated, great and unusual ways of producing and mixing!
For instance listen to the way he kind of "morphes" between the different reverb rooms and plays with dynamics!
Enjoy! Further other remix snippets to come tomorrow! :)

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Just three days until the release of my new single "Pure Energy 2012"! :)
Starting from today I'm going to upload two song snippets everyday from every remix that is available in the package (that contains seven different mixes!).
So please stop by if you like!
Beginning with the outstanding uplifting trance work by Trance Arts!
I hope you like it as much as I do! ;)

Woo Hoo! Great things are coming up!
The new Accuface single will be Pure Energy 2012 - a new High Energy remake of this six year old classic! Like my other track on BE52 Records "Your Destination", this one in its original version also spends a kind of "deserted existence" since nobody really cares about it since BE52 doesn't exist anymore.
That's reason enough for providing new and awesome mixes! Next to my Original High Energy Mix, the package includes remixes by Trance Arts, Ace da Brain, Rolf Maier Bode pres. Sound Tourist, Max K. and Gimbal & Sinan.
All remixers were based on my personal ambition. I hope you will like this package as much as I do!
The release will be available in 10 days - on the 25th of November! :)

New High Energy version of "Pure Energy" is coming up! Be prepared! ;)

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These moneys were born in the jungle and have been arrested thirty years ago. Since then they spend their life tortured and imprisoned in a laboratory. Now they see the sun, the grass and the world again - for the first time after thirty years! Unique and moving footage. See what real happiness is about!

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The new Hardtrance release on my label Metrophonic Resistance: Thomas Petersen pres. Zylone - "Motion" just reached number 1 in the Juno Download Hardtrance Charts - after just one day! :)
Thanks for the huge support!!!
At the moment it is also on number 11 in the regular Trance charts.
Maybe we can make it to the Top 10 !? ;)

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Anyone remember this one?
I just uploaded the video to my 2002 remix for the Blank & Jones Top 10 trance burner "Desire" in a remastered version.
in 2002 all sounds in my studio were generated by hardware (synths, samplers and drummachines). Struggling with midi cables and instability was a quite common issue... ;)
The hook melody was played by a 30 years old analogue Moog synth controlled by a selfmade midi-to-cv converter. ;)
Tough but great old times! ;)
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