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Dave Dehnbostel
Any two people with a plan are unstoppable.
Any two people with a plan are unstoppable.

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Instead of the nuclear option lets call it the Dirty Harry option in recognition of the guy who instigated it. Harry Reid.

Do you feel lucky punk?
Go ahead make my day. 

"To the tune of Let It Snow...

Oh, the Liberals are so frightful
But Trump is so delightful
Why must they hate him so
Let it go, let it go, let it go

He doesn't show signs of stopping
I brought some corn for popping
To watch their heads explode
Let it go, let it go, let it go

When he finally gets sworn in
How they'll hate turning on the TV
Visions of Trump and Pence
Is all that they're gonna see

The left is slowly dying
Celebs are all crying
They said they were gonna go
Let 'em go, let 'em go, let 'em go

The media is still lying
The fools are still denying
But Americans aren't that slow
Let it go, let it go, let it go

When he finally gets sworn in
They'll cry out with dread and doom
But when America's great again
They'll be singing a different tune

The left is slowly dying
Poor snowflakes are all crying
They need color books and play dough
Let it go, let it go, let it go

Let it go...let it go...let it go!"

~J Jones

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Is it Who time yet? 

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Ponder This……

At this moment in time we as a nation are in a fundamental struggle with two major religions. Islam & Christianity.

The concept I want y’all to ponder is why is God so weak and powerless that God needs our help?

What? Huh?

Both Islam and Christianity has “radicals”. These radicals are intolerant of everybody that does not buy into their strict belief systems. They BOTH condemn you to death if you are not in line with their beliefs.

Doubt me? Let me explain.

It is all about the battle for the soul. The MIND, EMOTIONS & WILL. This is the soul. Both Islam and Christianity want to be the judge and arbitrator of the individual human soul and will without hesitation KILL to convince you and themselves that they are the ONLY religion that can get you to heaven and to God.

The only difference between the two religions is that Islam says that you must convert or die, NOW and Christianity convert or die LATER.

Now we ponder.

If these radicals believe this and that their God is so powerful, why does he need our help to accomplish his will.

Where do we get the authority to judge and condemn anyone's soul?

As a Christian myself I believe we are called to TELL the good news. It is up to God and the individual as to when and where they come to Him. In this life, or the next, it is up to Him. Not you. Not me.

Islam is just plain wrong to kill now and Christians are just plain wrong to condemn later.

Trump could have taken control of the debate quite easily.
All he needed to say was "We are here to discuss some very important issues that the American voters are wanting to hear from us. If you want to play the" gotchya game" then we can completely disrespect 10 million people or we can have a substantive presidential debate on the issues important to the people. It's your call moderator".

Then the LORD said to me, "Write my answer plainly on tablets, so that a runner can carry the correct message to others. Cut Kill Find Drill. Cut the government Kill the terrorists. Find illegal criminal aliens. Drill here Drill now. 

Good to be back in Columbus... Cost every penny I had... But glad.. 

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Visited the kids for the first time in 6 months 
Columbus visit
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Election 2016.. aka... #HouseOfThrones
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