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5 Steps for Drivers to Take After a Tennessee Car Crash
Check out this article about the things that every driver should do after being involved in a motor vehicle accident. From reporting the accident to collecting information from other parties, there are several measures that drivers should take to protect their interests. Learn who drivers should report accidents to and what information they should always gather before leaving the scene.

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Technology helps drive down traffic fatalities
Take a look at this article about some of the innovative methods the Tennessee Highway Patrol is using to make roads safer. The THP has the goal of eventually reducing traffic deaths to zero and they are using a cutting-edge computer program to help them achieve that goal. The program uses a number of data points to accurately predict where accidents are most likely to occur in the state so that law enforcement can use their resources more effectively.

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Why do drivers continue to text and drive?
Check out this article about texting and driving and how a new survey discovered that there are many reasons why drivers continue to participate in this dangerous activity. For example, some of the participants reported that their ability to drive was not affected when they texted. Because of beliefs like these, many drivers are injured or killed in distracted driving-related collisions every day.
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