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So, if I'm not doing Squidoo anymore, what have I been up to? Writing. Last September I published my first novel, Ambient Light, under the pen name Lorraine Adair. (I wonder, will Google let me have a separate account for my pen name?) I have an author's blog ( and a facebook page ( and a twitter account ( to build and maintain, as well as continuing to write.  Life is good. :)
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Just looking over my posts here, and I see I have a lot of links to my pages on Squidoo. Only one problem... I closed my account there, deleting all my pages in the process. But some of the content has been ported to my blog. I still have all the content and will add it to the blog as time allows.
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I've had a couple of people, including Erica, recommend I look into Zazzle for my photography. Since my photo lenses don't have much of anything to click on, it seemed like a good idea. So I signed up, and I've been adding posters and "Gallery Wrap Canvas". For those that I now have a product on Zazzle, I've added text links under that photo. Most of the products are for the "My Garden In Photos" lens, but I've got a couple on the roses lens.

Maybe I can entice people to go look at the products, and have some clicks to help with  my lensrank. Even, better, maybe someone will buy! :)

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If' you'd like further proof that limit on blessings is going to affect non-angels, here it is.

Yesterday, my best lens had a lens rank of 47. (  The lensrank is the result of being on the front page with only 19 lenses in the rotation, and the subsequent visits, comments and blessings. (I don't expect you to visit this lens. I just want you to see the intro photo, so you will recognize it from the front page.)

Without any blessings yesterday, my lensrank dropped to 1407.

The same is true of my iris photos lens, also on the front page: yesterday, 536; today, 1948.

For lenses that are pure information, with little or no product promotion, the lack of blessings is going to be disastrous to our lensrank. That means people like me, who concentrate on non-sales lenses, are either going to take our content elsewhere or turn to sales lenses--which have less textual content.

In the long run, limiting the number of blessings a lens can receive is going to have the opposite effect of what HQ says they want. There will be fewer and fewer quality, pure content lenses, while the number of borderline thin affiliate lenses will increase.

In my opinion. I hope time proves me wrong.

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It is really interesting to read the recipes in this cookbook. The baked goods are the best, I think, with all kinds of things assumed. The cook of the 1920s took many steps for granted. Not unlike we take our convenient appliances for granted...

Hmmm... that's good. I should use it on the lens! lol...

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I really wish I could justify the expense of a new video camera. The little Canon I have isn't bad, but it is pre-HD. It has a widescreen setting, but it turns out it is really 4:3 ratio. You have to expand that in software to get the full width. I've got it all figured out now, but it took me the better part of four working days to put together this short video to go on Smidgen's lens (

I'd just like to say this about the current rash of changes over at Squidoo:

The continued success of Squidoo is dependent on search engine traffic. If for any reason, Squidoo is penalized by the search engines and SE traffic dries up, it hurts everyone who is earning money on this free platform.

Every time HQ issues a new edict, it is to protect the site from people who would abuse the platform for personal gain. They are trying to remove the loop holes that make that abuse possible. It is inevitable that the changes will trip up some legitimate lensmasters as well, at least for the short run.

In the long run, however, Squidoo will be a better place for it. If rules make it more difficult for the abusers, and the abusers go looking for some easier place to 'pillage', doesn't that benefit you and me, the legitimate lensmasters?

Personally, I am encouraged that Squidoo is tightening their quality standards.

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I forgot to put up a lens early this morning. And I'm surprised to see no one has posted a lens for more than 24 hours. Did everyone taking the weekend off? If so, I'm envious. :D

I learned a very valuable lesson with this lens. More than one actually. First, You don't have to have your lens "finished" to publish it. Sure, it should be in good shape, but it doesn't have to be perfect. In fact, having things left you want to do, gives you fodder for future updates.

Second, if it's near the end of the month when you publish, always publish before the month changes.

This lens was featured on the front page and quickly went into Tier 1. However, because it was published on the 2nd of November, I received nothing for November. Had I published it in October, I would have been paid Tier 1 for November.

Tough lesson to learn.

I've since learned another: Never put off publishing to the last day of the month. Your first day of lensrank will be very high. It's better to publish on the 30th and have that high day be the 31st, than publish on the 31st and have the high day be the first day of the month.

Of course, the above is all about lensrank and Tier payments. Probably not something to worry about with a good sales lens.

I am heading to bed, late again. I have the marketing chat about 7.5 hour hours from now, so I'll have to play catch up after that is over. You are all invited to join in, if you'd like. 9pm GMT; 1pm Pacific, 4pm Eastern.

Here's the link:
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