I have nothing against Android users, but I'd like to respond to an article (http://www.myownsanity.com/?p=395) I just read explaining why a particular Android user doesn't want an iPhone.

1. iTunes - The author must not own a Mac. iTunes for the PC is horrible, I'll grant him that, but he exaggerates about the frequency of updates. I'd suggest that Apple should spend some time making iTunes for the PC less of a pile of crap, but since it doesn't seem to hurt their iPhone sales, it makes no sense for them to invest the time in it.
2. You can only do what they tell you - While Apple's guidelines for applications might be a bit stringent, I love the fact that they have them. I love knowing that I can go to the App store and know that the application I'm getting has gone under at least some form of review process and isn't (in all likelihood) going to hijack my phone. Perhaps I'm just getting old, but the only app that I'd feel safe to install on my phone that I know for certain wouldn't be in the App store, is one that I'd write myself... and in all honesty, if I can't write an app that's worth putting up on the App store, then I don't really need it that badly.
3. Every iPhone is the same - I'm not a design guy... but I have friends who are... and I'm fairly certain they all use iPhones. So, yes... they're all the same... but they're all designed really well. I've never thought to myself that I wished my phone was smaller, or larger... it's just about the right size.

I'm all for the free-market, and I wouldn't want the iPhone to be the only available phone on the market, but its closed nature doesn't bother me in the least.
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