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Final Eventure Doodles for awhile!
Since I'm going to be at camp starting today, I won't be doing Eventure Doodles for awhile. I got pretty far and almost caught up to where I am in writing, so I 'd say that's an accomplishment. I'd love to continue this project after the summer is over, may...

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Return to Mr Marcus World
Sooooo over the past few weeks, me and my brother did this really fun event where The Nays went back to Mr Marcus World. They would draw a card from a deck, and that would determine which team they were on as well as which activity they did. The activities ...

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E3 Life Drawings
I didn't get a whole lot of time to draw during E3, but these are the drawings I manage to do in the airport, food places, and while waiting in line to play games. These were all done in the airport before I left Cleveland.    Lots of sketches while I was i...

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Back from E3!
I had an awesome week at E3! It was crazy busy, but also lots of fun. I barely did any drawings other than life drawings, but these are the ones I did on the plane, in the airport, and in the hotel room at night.

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Going to E3!!
This will be my last blog post until next week because I'll be busy at E3! I'm super excited to go, so it's been crazy packing and trying to finish everything up, since I'll be flying out to camp literally three days after I get back from E3. So here are so...

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End of the Preliminary World Leader Exam!
Annnnd these are finally the last Eventure Doodles of the Preliminary World Leader Exam! Also these are the last ones I'm going to be drawing for a week, since I'll be away at E3! Zandra stops in Tag World to recruit members for her team, when Yaguzi gets i...

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Finding More Teammates!
ACider and Piko's teams are coming together! ACider goes home to recruit her friends, but they end up not getting along with her new teammate. Piko recruits Fitu, his old friend from the World K Tournament.

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Rolling Around at the Speed of Sound
So recently I decided to replay Sonic Adventure 2, since my friend Jinny bought it on Steam. Some parts were as good as I remembered, some parts maybe not so much. But I still enjoyed it overall aside from the frustrating bugs. And I will always love Chao W...

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Recruiting Teammates
These were both longer quotes, so I typed them out to make sure they fit and were more readable. Shaw recruits Gahla the Poison Mage for his team after falling for his poison trap. Scott leaves Rudat's team to join Grenna's after his friend is severely inju...

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Start of the Preliminary World Leader Exam!
The Preliminary World Leader Exam is the longest Eventure, so I'm dedicating 8 Eventure Doodles to this one Eventure. This is when The Nays head out to find members for their team that will help them during the World Leader Exam. JrTr's team doesn't get alo...
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