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Let us help make the search for your next home easier. Here’s a quick run down on top questions to consider during your apartment rental search process.
Price - What does it cost for the apartment (studio, 1, 2, 3, or 4 bedroom) you’re looking for? What does that price include?
Neighborhood - What’s the neighborhood like? Where would you grocery shop? What restaurants, cafes, retail centers, entertainment and cultural venues are in the area?
Transportation - What would your commute to school or work look like? Is there public transportation nearby?
Lifestyle - Is the community pet friendly? What do the interior of the apartments look like? What community amenities are available? Are there any social events at the apartment community?
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Park West Village

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Create a Rental File to Stay Organized
You’ve found a new place to hang your hat. Hooray! Now organize all that paperwork you’ve collected in the process of renting your apartment. That way, when it comes time to renew your lease or (gasp) cash in on the renter’s insurance you purchased, information you need will be quickly on hand.
We recommend creating a file that houses the following documents:
1) Your lease and all accompanying documents you signed (tip: jot down important dates in the lease on a sticky note such as when rent is due and when your lease is up)
2) Renters Insurance policy
3) Move in / move out condition checklist
4) Storage rental agreement (if you have one)
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Park West Village

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Now that the outside temperatures are finally warming up, its time to make use of any outdoor space at your apartment. Lounging outside after a long day of work can provide the needed relaxation you have been waiting for. Consider the following ideas if you have a patio or balcony that could use a freshen up for the summer season. 

* If you haven’t tackled the cleaning yet, it's time to remove the cobwebs, dirt and other debris that have accumulated. Be sure to give the deck a good sweep or wash. 
* If you haven’t already, it may be time to invested in an outdoor patio set. Or perhaps you can just freshen up any faded cushions or accent pillows to give your set a fresh feel.
* Plant a few of your favorite flowers or vegetables to add some color and fragrance to your patio in pots or garden boxes.
* Be sure you are making use of shelving units and hanging what you can to conserve space. Double duty furniture like deck boxes can be used as both a table and storage and can be quite handy. 
* And finally, its time to unwind and share your apartment's outdoor space with company. 

If you have any ideas to add we would like to hear them!
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Park West Village

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Start 2015 off fresh with these green cleaning and organizing tips!

Below are a few tips to spruce up your apartment for the new year. 

1) Go through cabinets, closets, and desks to find and recycle all unneeded paper products.
2) Feeling the burden of an overstuffed closet? Give your old clothes a second life; donate any unused clothing to Goodwill!
3) Recycle your electronic products. Most electronics stores will take your old or broken products and recycle them. Avoid tossing those in the trash!
4) Use eco-friendly cleaning supplies. Most stores carry a great selection of environmentally friendly cleaning products, pick some up on your next shopping trip. Or, better yet - make your own! Simple household items like baking soda and vinegar can be used for any number of jobs.
5) Freshen up! Simmering water, citrus peel, and fresh mint or basil will lighten up the air in your apartment without any added toxins from synthetic air-fresheners (and it will save you money as well!). Make sure you never leave your stove unattended. 

Why wait until spring, when cleaning can be this simple? Keeping it green will help your apartment stay healthy and toxin free. What are your favorite go-to green cleaning or organizing tips? Comment below to share your ideas!
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Park West Village

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The holiday season is officially here which means it’s time for holiday festivities and friendly gatherings. Here are a few holiday entertaining tips that will help you throughout the holiday season:

1. Plan Ahead The holiday season is a busy time of year so be sure to plan your gatherings ahead of time. Consider sending invitations in advance to allow for scheduling. 
2. Create a Child-friendly Area If children will be coming over make sure they have a safe area to play and some form of entertainment to keep occupied. 
3. Consider Space Be sure you have proper amount of seating, dishes, food and beverages prepared for your guest and respect any common areas with your neighbors.
4. Plan an Activity Have an activity planned in case guests need something to do after eating. A gift exchange, board game, photo booth or other activity will keep your company entertained.  
5. Include Neighbors. Consider inviting close neighbors to a holiday function. Your neighbors will appreciate the gesture and this may be a good opportunity to get to know them better. 

Let us know if you have any additional entertaining ideas in the comment section below!
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Park West Village

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#July is a month to celebrate with family and friends!
Some of the best summer celebrations involve barbecues or cookouts. Click below for a few safety tips for your next get together. 

1. Whether you use a charcoal or gas barbecue always make sure to follow proper safety precautions when lighting, cooking, and storing the barbecue.  Follow factory guidelines when using lighter fluid or propane tanks, clean your grill regularly to prevent grease fires, and store your grill away from anything that is flammable or hazardous. 
2. You should know the proper cooking temperatures and preparation for the food you are serving at your get together (especially meat). The last thing you want to do is make your friends or family sick. 
3. Make sure to have plenty of drinking water on hand so your guests can stay well hydrated.
4. Provide shade or a covered area where your guests can get out of the sun and cool off.
5. If you will be serving alcoholic beverages at your get together, please enjoy responsibly and make sure your guests do so as well.
6. If you will be lighting off #fireworks at your get together make sure you use extreme caution when handling, lighting, and disposing of the fireworks.  Keep water or a fire extinguisher nearby, never point the fireworks toward anyone else, and always stand a safe distance from the devices.  Make sure you know local laws and regulations regarding pyrotechnics and fireworks.  
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Park West Village

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How to Create an Entryway in your Apartment
There’s nothing like a well thought out front entryway to give you a sense of arriving home. But you may be experiencing this common issue in the apartment you rent: the front door opens directly into the living room. Without a formal foyer, your apartment home might lack a defined space to land.
Here’s a list of clever ideas to create the feeling of an entryway even when there isn’t one.
Take a seat. Add a small bench with storage cubes underneath for your shoes.
Light it up. Add a lighting element to the area, either by stringing some lights around the doorframe or by adding a small lamp on an entryway table.
Create a division. Put a beautiful room divider or shelving unit between the front entryway space you’re creating and the main room the door opens into.
Get artsy fartsy. Add some art on the wall next to your front door. You can splurge on a colorful painting or add something as simple as framed photographs from your Instagram feed.
Roll out the red carpet. Add a low lying doormat or rug by the door. The softness on your feet will be a physical cue that you’re home sweet home.
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Park West Village

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When is the Best Time to Rent an Apartment?

The best time of year to rent an apartment is when you need to, of course. But if you have some flexibility - are in a month-to-month lease or are crashing with your folks, for example - planning the timing of your move into an apartment rental can pay off.

Spring and Summer: In general, May through September is the busiest moving season. Kids are out of school, college students have left for the summer, and the good weather makes hauling items across town or country easier. The result is a dynamic rental market where inventory is typically higher, giving you a wider selection of apartments to choose from. 

Fall and Winter: During the fall and winter seasons, the apartment rental market typically slows down. The disadvantage of searching for an apartment during this time is inventory tends to be lower. But the upswing is that because demand for apartments is lower, you have a greater chance at finding a deal on rent. 

It’s September! Ask our staff whether we're offering any seasonal move-in specials.
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Park West Village

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Want to start your spring and summer off on the right foot? A clean house will surely help! Here are a few insightful tips to help you conquer all of your cleaning tasks for the coming months.

1. Work from the top down, inside to outside, to avoid getting what you just cleaned dirty again.
2. Do one room or one area of a room at a time to avoid unfinished jobs. The satisfaction of seeing one room sparkle will make the hard work feel like it's worth the effort.
3. When tidying, reduce trips around the house by temporarily depositing items in one organized area near by. Once you’ve finished cleaning you can find those miscellaneous items a proper place. 
4. Efficiency is key, so clean two things at once. While laundry is going, scrub the shower stall.
5. Make small repairs on easy to fix items….If you're not handy, hire someone who is, or better yet, look up a fix-it-yourself video and learn while you clean. 
6. Invest in a good pair of rubber gloves to protect your skin and nails from cleaning chemicals.
7. Dust before vacuuming or cleaning the floor. Try an extendable feather or lambswool duster for reaching above window casings, door frames, and corners. Household rags are invaluable for jobs requiring a damp cloth – natural fibers work best.
8. Buy a mop with a squeeze mechanism and a decent-size heavy-duty pail – ones with a measuring scale help get soap-to-water ratios correct.
9. Don't stand your brooms on their bristles. It will destroy their shape and diminish their effectiveness. Instead, get a broom holder or hook at your local home improvement store. 
10. Use a Swiffer for light dusting, or your favorite broom or vacuum attachment to clean hardwood floors. Then damp-mop with a mild cleaner such as Murphy Oil Soap to make your floors sparkle and shine. 

If you have any other helpful spring cleaning tips & tricks let us know in the comments below!
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Park West Village

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How to Decorate Small Spaces for the Holidays

It’s the time of year to bring out holiday decorations and get in the festive spirit. No matter what size space; a little creativity can go a long way in transforming any room in your home. Here are some tips to help you get started! 

Holiday Cards - if you’re receiving holiday greeting cards from friends and family you can use them as wall decorations next to other holiday-themed decorations
Half Trees - if your space does not support an entire tree you can utilize a half or even quarter tree (for corners) to save space
“Gingerbread” Houses - use graham crackers to to create a mini “gingerbread” house
Windows - make use of your window space by creating beautiful snowflakes with a glue gun
Serving Tray - if you’re hosting guests, consider a tiered serving tray (stacked vertically) to save table space
Ornaments - get creative with your ornament decorations and hang them from your ceiling - bonus points for hanging them on lights

What decorating tips do you have for your home? Let us know in the comments below!
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Park West Village

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Summer is almost over!

Time for one last vacation before the warm weather ends? Click below for tips to keep your home safe while you enjoy your vacation.

1. Let the landlord or office manager know you will be out of town. They can hold any mail or packages that come for you, and more importantly watch for any suspicious activity around your home.  
2. You can arrange to have a trusted friend or neighbor watch your home while you are out of town. Make sure to give your landlord or office manager the name of the person you have watching your home so they do not report this person as a trespasser.      
3. Unplug electronics that are not absolutely necessary while you are away. Most electronics still use power if you leave them plugged in. Examples of things to unplug include: TVs, video game systems, lamps, computers, and small kitchen appliances.
4. Clean your home before you leave. Remove any perishable foods from the refrigerator, take out the garbage, and sweep or vacuum.  Why ruin your vacation by having to clean when you return home?
5. Lastly, if you are not taking your car on a long road trip, make sure to remove all valuables and park it in a safe place.

Comment below with any of your own suggestions or ideas on keeping your home safe this summer. 
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Park West Village

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Summer is here!

Click below for tips to help you have a happy and healthy summer! 

1. Do you want to save energy, money, and keep your home cool this summer? Remember to keep windows and blinds closed during the hotter hours of the day, turn off any unnecessary lights or appliances when not in use, and use ceiling or window fans at night to cool your home  

2. During summer we all like to open up windows and let the fresh air flow through our homes. Unfortunately, many people forget you should always close and lock your windows when leaving home whether it is just for the day or for a long summer vacation. 

3. There is nothing worse than getting into your car when it has been sitting in the sun all day. Park your car in a shaded or covered parking spot. Over time this can also help save the paint job and interior of your car. 

4 Get outdoors to enjoy your favorite sport or hobby, stay hydrated, and regularly apply sunscreen. These simple things can go a long way to keeping you happy and healthy this summer

Have any summer tips or hints of your own? Share them with us by leaving a comment below. 
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"There is staff readily available and all of my neighbors are good people."
"The gym smells like stale cigarettes, but the amenities are nice."
"I did a thorough cleaning of the apartment after only 14 months."
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Jake Smyles's profile photo
Jake Smyles
7 months ago
I've lived in Lancaster, CA most of my life, and I've lived in 3 different apartment/condo complexes over the last 8 or so years. Park West Village is by far the best apartment complex in the AV. The location is nice, not too far west away from the freeway, not too far east so it has decent surrounding neighborhoods. I first moved here in 2011, had no complaints. I moved to a bigger condo for 6 months and promptly moved back because of nightmarish neighbors and the management at the condo were not nearly as good as the management at Park West. I have been here ever since. It is a good community; nice, quiet neighbors, security guards patrol regularly, service requests are handled expeditiously, and the management staff are genuinely nice people. I would definitely recommend Park West Village to anyone who wants a nice apartment in Lancaster.
• • •
Liz DeLacy's profile photo
Liz DeLacy
a year ago
Let's start with the good: Most of the residents are nice. The landscaping is well-maintained. The gym smells like stale cigarettes, but the amenities are nice. The bad: A pair of my diamond earrings went missing right after I moved in and requested to have my ceiling painted. They never were found. I filed a police report and notified the office. I was told everyone who works there is trustworthy. That's a dubious claim. Why did I need my ceiling painted? The roof leaked everytime it rained. They came in one week and tore out the wall. They had to air it out and rebuild it. I saw mold, but they refused to test it. I subsequently got very sick. I requested a week off of rent because my apartment wasn't really habitable when they were doing their "repairs". The ceiling still leaks every time it rains. When I called managment about fair rent for the month given the inconvenience and the bedroom was uninhabitable, I was greeted with such hostility. May was such a bully she nearly brought me to tears! I signed up for auto-pay online and received an email confirming it. Turns out if you sign up after the first of the month your account will not be debited until the following month. I signed up on the second and was unaware of this. They threatened to evict me on the fourth because my rent was due. I paid immediately and showed them my email confirmation. Then they charged me a $50 late fee and threatend to evict me if I didn't pay that in three days (illegal). I paid that, disputed it later, won, and then they automatically withdrew an additional $75 from my bank account with my rent. I am currently disputing that. I didn't bother cleaning my apartment because I knew they'd find a way to take all of my deposit. They did. If you don't have to deal with managment you might have a pleasant experience. Otherwise, be prepared to be overcharged, harassed, and bullied. Oh, they also tried to bribe residents to vote for them in the AV Press for the best apartment complex. They didn't win, obviously. I'm so happy I don't live there anymore.
• • •
Adam Smith's profile photo
Adam Smith
4 years ago
I second Jeremiah's experience. I was told it never has break in's in the past year I have been living here there has been at least 2 instances of theft, 1 a car was broken into and 2 someone's laundry was stolen from the laundry room. Other reasons why this is a poor choice of living arrangments is the "rec room" is way out-dated, they are more focused on building a bigger office for the rude front office staff than upgrading stuff for their tenants. At the end of my lease I went to renew; saw that they were advertising a price $35 less per month and they would not honor it for my renewal...I mean i have never missed a payment, they know I am a good tenant and they wont honor a measily $35 a month...really? Their prices are way over inflated to begin with, the size of the room for what you get..not worth it. I've put in mainenance requests and nobody shows up...the list goes on. Well have fun finding a new tenant I'm out of here!
• • •
Mlc">A Google User
6 years ago
The apartment complex, and let me emphasise complex because the Antelope Valley is a boring place to live, is quite nice. I've lived here for a little over a year and have had no problems. The small things that needed to be fixed: fireplace, door knob, etc, have been fixed the same day I placed the call for them. There is staff readily available and all of my neighbors are good people. The keep the entire complex picked up rather well, and its overall a pretty quiet place.
• • •
Brad Conroy's profile photo
Brad Conroy
3 months ago
Management will find any and all reason to keep as much of your deposit as possible. Absolutely would not recommend this to anyone. I generally think of myself as a very clean person, probably a little OCD. I did a thorough cleaning of the apartment after only 14 months. The management deducted nearly half of my $500 deposit for dust on the blinds and hard water spots on the shower door. They are crooked, be aware.
Tony Moua's profile photo
Tony Moua
4 years ago
With the prices of rent dropping, it is becoming a college apartment complex. Lived there for a year and while the local management is friendly - corporate management is incompetent and greedy. That deposit you pay - don't expect to get it back, they will find any way they can to keep your deposit and charge you extra even if you have everything completely clean when you leave. Their parent company Ezralow has an F rating with the BBB.
Mike Riegel's profile photo
Mike Riegel
4 years ago
Best apartments in Lancasterby far
Mlc">A Google User
7 years ago
I lived at park west village for 7 months and could not wait until my lease was over. When i moved in I was told by the office," I've worked here for 10 years and there has never been a break-in." I soon found out that was a lie, when the sheriff investigating my burglary stated "yeah we're here all the time." After my apartment was broken into and thousand of dollars in electronics were stolen I decided to investigate why my alarm did not work.. The sensors in the windows were not there and in fact the wire leads were just twisted together to prevent the alarm from sounding. I told the managers about this and of course got their fake act of concern with no serious action being taken.. The alarm was never fixed, at some point maintenance did come and install the sensors although the system still didn't work, never did. Security might as well not even be on the premises. I personally saw a motorcycle theft attempt( luckily i was still awake) and a break in attempt. Both times when i called security they show up 45 minutes later and say they will keep a closer eye on the place. Which, from my observations, means they will drive by once or twice through the night listening to headphones or watch trespassers enter and exit the property as they please. If you want to move into park west village for the security they provide.. save your money and move somewhere cheaper..
• • •