I just gave it a try whether the Mini-Erlang interpreter also
runs on Android. Since release 0.9.5 the Jekejeke Runtime
also features a console and this is also available for Android.
It worked fine.

So before I went into lengths using Bluetooth, SD-Cards,
USB, E-mail whatever to move the Prolog text erlang.p
to my phone, I simply pointed an URL to the Prolog text
and consulted this URL. The session run as follows:

   Jekejeke Prolog, Runtime Library 0.9.5
   (c) 1985-2012, XLOG Technologies GmbH, Switzerland
   ?- ['http://www.xlog.ch/jekejeke/perpetual/erlang.p'].
   ?- erlang.
   > X=1.
   > X.

To abort the session one can use the menu item abort. The
Jekejeke Runtime doesn't have a debugger and is free,
currently available from Google Play and Amazone
Appstore (U.S. only).


Jan Burse,
13. Sept 2012

P.S.: One can of course put his preferred Prolog text on
a web server of his choice, consult this and play. But
sys_add_path/1 doesn't currently work for URL archives
in release 0.9.5 for Android.

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