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Lulu Chinese Health Centre

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Relieve pain and restore your health in our comfortable clinic.

Some conditions may require a series of treatments in order to fully resolve the symptoms related to a long standing health issue. Acupuncture sessions are offered to our clientele in a relaxed and welcoming environment and on a payment plan that allows patients the full benefit of ongoing therapy, essential for extended and permanent relief. Please call our office for further information and a free consultation at (250) 756-9229.

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How or why does acupuncture actually work?

Traditional Chinese medicine explains that health is the result of a harmonious balance of the corresponding extremes of the life force known as chi which is said to flow through particular points in the human body. Illness is said to be the consequence of an imbalance of this life force and when specific points are accessed by an experienced practitioner the energy flow is brought into balance and healing occurs. There are many theories as to why acupuncture produces very successful results in the treatment of many physical and psychological conditions. Whether this relief is achieved as a result of chemical or hormonal changes, shifts in the nervous system, or bio-electricity movement; the fact remains that acupuncture produces very real and definitive results.

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Lulu Chinese Health Center specializes in the renewal and re-balancing of your own vital healing energy through traditional Chinese acupuncture therapy.

A healing combination of both ancient and modern remedies.

Offering personalized, holistic treatments derived from ancient Chinese remedies, our treatments integrate and compliment any conventional therapy you may already be receiving and provides immediate relief for many ailments and conditions.

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