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The 2014 FIFA World Cup is set to be promoted by Coca-Cola’s largest marketing programme to date. A whopping 175 markets across the globe will use the company’s World’s Cup campaign, which aims to create a “Global feel with a local flavour”.
A fresh visual identity, created by Brazilian street artist Speto in collaboration with Leeds design studio BGO, will form the heart of the campaign, as Coca-Cola again made the decision to work with just one artist as a creative partner, rather than several different agencies.
James Sommerville, VP global design at Coca-Cola explained to The Drum; “For the first time Coca-Cola recognised the importance of being connected on a more cultural market level – in this case Brazil, it’s quite unique for Coca-Cola to approach a VIS [visual identity system] in this way and it gave it some authenticity.
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With so much competition around, it’s more vital than ever to establish a strong, easily identifiable brand – but how on earth do companies go about the task? In a new article, Bobby Kim aka Bobby Hundreds, gives us his thoughts on the 10 rules of brand-building What are your thoughts – do you agree with the points made?
If you’re struggling to create an effective brand, get in touch with Gower - we specialise in turning strategic thought into real action; delivering compelling communications that really work!

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PayPal seem to have been around forever – founded in 1998 and purchased by eBay in 2002, they are now the leading digital payment company in the world. Since their humble beginnings, the company has progressed to control 148 million active accounts in 26 currencies, across 193 markets - and they process more than 9 million payments daily!
As part of a new global marketing campaign, the company has received a design overhaul - with a new logo and brand identity. Take a look at the new designs here: what do you think of them?

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The psychology of colour in branding and marketing is a fascinating subject – and it’s one that many people tend to overlook. If you glance at any of the leading brands’ logos or other marketing elements, you will see a very distinct colour scheme, and you can guarantee that it’s not a random choice!
The colour used in branding and marketing can have an emotional impact upon the intended audience. Read more and take a look at a fascinating colour emotion guide:

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Is your website doing its job? You may think that you’re using the very best designs and technologies, but it’s amazing how many companies make the same mistake over and over again when designing their websites’ homepage. With competition on the Internet higher than ever before, you need to make an immediate impact, and rookie errors are just not acceptable.
So, what exactly defines a “great website”? In years gone by, consumers may have answered this question with “one that looks nice”. However, in recent times, there has been a massive switch to “one I can find quickly and easily” – and that’s a big clue. Design is vital, as is making the design easily accessible. Read more:
Do you need help with the design of your website’s homepage, individual elements, videos, or assistance with your current page navigation? If so, get in touch with Gower, we use thoughtful, crafted and brilliantly executed design and communications to keep your brand, your business and your customers informed and connected!

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A powerful brand holds more sway than a thousand emails or sales calls. Let’s face it; if an unknown company cold calls an individual about a product or service, they’re very likely to be on the receiving end of a "do not contact me again" response. However, if one of the leading brands should call, they’re likely to get a few more minutes of call time!
So, how can you build a brand that can truly compete with these giants (the likes of Nike, Amazon, Apple and Coca-Cola). It’s not easy, that’s for sure, or everyone would be doing it, but you can pick up a few tips to help get you started. Read more about great brand building:

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Companies are largely defined by their name, logo, and brand identity. Rebranding is notoriously difficult, after all, you cannot please everyone with a design, but there are times when the leading companies get their re-brands very, very wrong!
Let’s use Pepsi as a great example – they spent a whopping $1.2 billion on a rebranding project, with $1 million alone spent on a new logo – the problem was, the logo was so basic, that no-one could understand why!
Then there’s the 2012 Olympics logo, supposed to be "simple, distinct, bold, and buzzing with energy” – but it received a very lukewarm response, with many calling it “garish”! Read more:
Do you need help with a company re-brand or individual design elements? If so, get in touch with Gower, we can help:

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Brands that manage to attract a thriving community of die-hard and dedicated followers are far and few between, so how can other companies achieve the same levels of success? Building loyalty isn’t an easy task – it takes a lot of research and patience – and of course, top-notch designs!
Branding should ‘tap into’ a consumer’s brain – creating memories, emotions and in many ways, a relationship around your brand – but how on earth can you generate these kinds of connections? Read more:

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Can you believe that Batman is 75 years old? Well, yes, his first appearance was way back in 1939! To mark the occasion, a brand new commemorative logo has been designed, using block-style lettering, incorporated into a bat design.
Diane Nelson, president of DC Entertainment, says, ‘Batman is one of the greatest characters ever created, in comics or elsewhere, and even after 75 years he continues to wildly fascinate fans. He is an integral part of pop culture and has successfully captured the imagination of the entire world.’
Take a look at the logo here:

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When talking about company branding, many people overlook a very important element – type. Without great typography, many logos and other marketing materials simply wouldn’t cut the mustard.
Think about some of the top brands out there – many of them use typography as a key part of their designs – without it, their logos and other designs would make little sense. Read more:
Do you need help with your design elements? If so, get in touch with Gower, we can help:
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