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It's me, myself and I
It's me, myself and I

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I liked @official_tink 'Dinero' using @mymixtapez app

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SuperSU v2.50 BETA, 6.0 boot images

A new BETA was released today, available in the usual spot (also linked from the thread below).

Additionally, I uploaded some modified stock boot images for the Nexus devices the Android 6.0 firmwares have been released for already - and instructions how to make your own.

Combined, they allow root on 6.0 devices with SELinux in Enforcing mode.

(of course the BETA also fixes some other minor things)

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I liked @Drake 'Back to Back Freestyle' using @mymixtapez app

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Here it is, #CrystalTronik  
My 2nd layers theme, and possibly first community transparent/translucent one(?)

what you get:
-AOSP Keyboard (although I personally use and recommend DJ's Clear 2 theme on SuperSwiftKey)
-Contacts (half themed, only able to black it out)
-Dialer (half themed, only able to black it out)
-Google Drive
-InCallUI (not transparent)
-Google Keep
-Google Messenger
-NovaLauncher (half themed, retains default red accent)
-Play Music
-Play Store
-Google Translate
-Google App/Velvet

I recommend using a dark/black based wallpaper with this theme, but you're free to use whatever your little hearts desire as the wallpaper since this theme doesn't come with any built-in.

have fun, i need a vacation from all this so i may not respond quickly to bug reports or errors

*NOTE - you must use the framework-res layer for any of the transparency to work, in case you were planning to mix and match
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