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Customer Service
When I worked as a Server for Texas Roadhouse, I learned how effective customer service is.  I feel like a lot of jobs these days require a lot of customer service in order to be successful.  When I worked at Longhorn I realized how much it actually means to the average person to be accommodating and kind.
When I first started, I didn’t have too much experience in customer service, but I knew how I would like to be treated as a customer.  I used that knowledge and expanded to accommodate my current clientele.  I was kind, aware, and constantly making sure that they had everything they wanted, mostly because I was really nervous, but it ended up working in my favor.
Within a couple weeks I already had an old couple, that I eventually referred to as my regulars.  They came every Friday night, I knew their order, and made my own personal requests to make sure that it was exactly what they wanted.   By Christmas they were already tipping me way over 20%.  That’s when I discovered how important it is to develop an actual relationship with your customers.
After that, I had many people request me because they were told of my service by my already regulars.  When you develop a relationship with your customers, it not only makes your more profitable as a person, but it also helps the business.
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