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"What this "doctor" did to David Eckert was a sexual assault, nothing more."
"Best illegal 14-hour anal probing I've ever had."
"This clown should lose his medical license and should go to prison."
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6 months ago
His hands are so big, that he left me with a goatse. Now my poo just falls out. Didn't use lube, either. I swear the search warrant was a "knock and enter" but he just dove right in and went to town.
Steve Sanders
a year ago
Shame, shame... SHAME on you for your atrocious assault on David Eckert! You should NEVER practice medicine again. Somehow you totally forgot your oath as a doctor: "First, do no harm." SHAME!
David Gray
2 years ago
Anal probe too cold. Fingers and hands too big. I like my enemas shaken, not stirred thanks. Also. Supposed digital exam was done with both hands on patients shoulders. Not cool. Sick rapist like this supposed Doctor should be in jail. I realize that there were more, possibly many more people who were there and witnessed what went on. They should be in jail also. You people should repent NOW as there is a special place in hell for people like you.
Ricky Gurley's profile photo
Ricky Gurley
2 years ago
No experience; but I think that the entire public should rate this Doctor based on his actions in conjunction with a Law Enforcement Agency in violating David Eckert's Civil Rights. My rating: Big piece of dung, that deserves to be sued, bankrupted, and then sent to prison for a lengthy prison sentence, where hopefully the inmates in that prison will get to perform some "procedures" on him without his consent! Does not deserve a star, but had to give one to publish. Ranks very high on the "steaming turd" chart, though....
• • •
Karl Hungus's profile photo
Karl Hungus
a year ago
What this "doctor" did to David Eckert was a sexual assault, nothing more. A couple guys in city-issued costumes waving a piece of paper signed by some old man in a black nightgown doesn't make it any less so. In a just society, everyone who participated in this horrific crime - from the judge to the cops, down to Dr. Odocha himself - would do hard time. The judge and the cops get to claim judicial and qualified immunity, so they'll never be held to account; even the settlement awarded to Mr. Eckert will be picked up by New Mexico's taxpayers. Fortunately, Dr. Odocha has been formally reprimanded by his state's medical oversight board, which may pave the way for a malpractice suit against him. Between that and the publicity that he's received as a result of his crime, there's hope that, at the very least, he is now ruined professionally.
• • •
Gregory Smith
2 years ago
My teen-age son was scheduled for a high-school physical with Dr. Odocha Following the exam, while driving home, my son stated that the doctor spent an inordinate amount of time examining and probing his anus. He also fondled my son's scrotum, testicles and penis. He asked my son whether or not he had a girlfriend. When I asked my son if Dr. Odocha used rubber gloves during his examination, he said that the doctor did not. I would encourage parents of all youngsters to avoid allowing Dr. Odocha to see or touch his or her child. I am filing a complaint with the New Mexico Medical Board and exploring both civil and criminal legal action against Dr. Odocha. This is a good physician to avoid.
• • •
sorryociffer's profile photo
2 years ago
Violates patient's rights as long as police say it's "ok" with a warrant. Avoid him simply for his willingness to put persons through un-needed and unethical treatments when previous medical evidence showed no reason for it.
Megan McGowan's profile photo
Megan McGowan
a year ago
Dr. Odocha is not Okay. In fact he is a very sick man who needs to go to jail for anal rape and lose his medical license. Sorry, the letters AMA do not stand for 'Anal Molestation and Assault'. This is a clear legal violation as well as a violation of his Hippocratic oath. Avoid this doctor at all costs.