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The End: Moving On (Thank You!)
Well... I think we're nearing the end of this blog's usefulness. With my final semester looming and real life after that, I really need to start getting my art out there in ways that people can find me. I'll continue on Tumblr (which I've begun posting on!)...

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Independent Study Week 4: The Wire
Despite the remaining two weeks of independent study, it really feels like things are happening quickly. I started another character this week. It's coming along, but I'm still embarrassed by how it's looking, so you don't see it yet. Here's progress on the...

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Progress on the Cutie
Progress on the work in progress. I hope to have him armed for the next update, and maybe textured. That would be excellent! I did a one-hour study from this collection of photographs. I wish I had the line work, because I felt it was much more spot on, but...

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Studies from Figure Drawing
Hi. Today (Now yesterday) Kaitlin and I are going to a friend's wedding, so I took the day off. She'll be here to pick me up any minute, but I spent the morning scanning in some of the images from my figure drawing class. Honestly, I was a bit disappointed ...

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Dark Times: Slump City
It's been a busy couple weeks. I scanned probably 8 sketchbook pages for upload, but when I opened everything up to prepare them, they were't really good enough to put here. I'm just under halfway through my current sketchbook. I won't finish by the 18th (o...

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About the title? Ask my mother to tell you the story. I need to finish more work. this was just a quick thing I threw together tonight. Now bed. Only 2 more days of class. Will I survive? Perhaps.

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BONUS: I Did It?
I told you I'd polish the guy from last time, and I DID! Also, two posts in a week? Sink me! Now I have to go do homework until Kaitlin gets home! She's at a baby shower.

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Sketchbook Completed: Independent Study Is Go!
It's true. I've FINALLY  got second block classes set up! Independent study is happening! This means I can drop a class Fall semester and still graduate. Won't that be nice? I'm hoping to take some of these sketches to a finished state and build them in ZBr...

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Summer Is Busy
I have to go to bed, but here's stuff I've sketched on the bus and between figure drawing poses in class. I haven't done 3D for weeks and am still working on getting my second independent study squared away. Glancing at these again, I feel like I missed som...

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Sketchbook Dregs
We've almost got the summer's second block scheduling woes squared away, which I thought would be nice, but it's turned out to be the least of my worries. The figure drawing class has been a frightening nightmare. We had an assignment due this week and I sp...
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