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It's Maria from SHAPE, the company behind IM+.

First of all I have to say that we love BlackBerry, many of us in SHAPE have BB Bolds and Curves as main devices, we support BlackBerry by developing apps since the BlackBerry platform appeared and we wish RIM to succeed.

But how are they going to compete with Apple and Google if they don't work with developer community? The situation with developing for Playbook scares me.
We have hired a flash developer who developed IM+ before Playbook went on sale in Europe. It was a very big and challenging work (I won't tell anything about the quality of the developer tools for Playbook as I'm not a developer) and finally we have submitted IM+ for App World testing on May 19th. We expected the app to be approved in a week or ten days at latest.

Two weeks went, and nothing happened. We started to contact our main contact at App World but it appeared she's no longer with that team and she recommended to contact other App World representatives. App World support didn't answer any of the multiple emails we've sent.

Three weeks went and we've sent emails to Developer Relations team we had talks with on different events like MWC and WES. Multiple times we were trying to contact them via Twitter (@BlackBerryDev). But they didn't help.

A month went, we tried all possible ways to contact RIM team. Sent emails from our CEO and COO, contacted App World management people via LinkedIn, nothing helped. RIM didn't provide an official answer and it seems they just do not want IM+ to be published.

Maybe we could live with it if we could distribute the app from our site, but the real problem is, there's no possibility to install a Playbook app without the developers SDK. So the only option to install Playbook app is through BlackBerry App World.

I didn't want to write this post , as there are already too much claims for BlackBerry from both employees and developers. Again, I wish RIM a success. All I want is just to find the right person at RIM who will take care of the developers questions. And finally have our app published.
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To sum up: RIM sucks not just because of how Apple or Google are great, they suck because of what they are.
So, you love BlackBerry, huh... is that why IM+ for iPhone has become worse and worse over time? It is slow to load and crashes often.... now it makes sense.
I have been drooling at the idea of getting IM+ on my Playbook. As time has gone on, I presumed something like the described situation had come to pass. RIM we love you, but please pull your pants up and act like the corporation you claim to be.
That sucks! I've been waiting for that app for my Playbook for over a month now! ARGH!!!! Come'n RIM!!!!
Just to clarify, is the app 100% functional and ready to be published? Or is there a problem with it and you can't get RIM to help fix it?
+Will Robertson The app is 100% functional and ready to be published but we already have an update to it
+Maria Dyatlova Awesome looking forward to getting it on my PlayBooks.

I know that RIM has many people working on the App World/BBDev Relations teams so I am surprised that you haven't been able to get through to anyone. Have they given any specific reasons for the delay of approval for the app?
There is a technic called side loading. Can't we install the app by sideloading technic?
+Maria Dyatlova There has been some discussion regarding your post, and some of guys have managed to get through to RIM, who are denying the submission, and attempts to contact them.
I totally believe you guys - been a IM+ user for longer than I recall honestly! My comment was more to let you know that some guys are making contact, and there might be value in giving them something to respond with. So thanks I guess!
I hope this can be sorted out. I miss an IM app on my PlayBook.
that's really unfortunate. i know how much we would all appreciate IM+ on the PlayBook now.
you guys must have made it great! they'll release with 4G model with IM+ headline along Android player maybe
I can't even tell you how aggravated this makes me with RIM's behavior. As a Playbook owner, I'm dying to be able to buy IM+ for it, but even more importantly this type of experience is going to make other solid developers not want to build complex apps for Playbook. It really pisses me off!!
+Maria Dyatlova Have you considered taking payments via PayPal and giving the BAR out with the need for an activation code?
Our management just had a call with Tyler Lessard, VP, Global Alliances and Developer Relations. Tyler pointed that app doesn't have a EULA; this of course should have been noticed and reported earlier by AppWorld's review team. Anyway Tyler confirmed he will try to speed up the approval process when we submit an update. We will surely do this ASAP.
For that apple users above, it's not IM+ problem, it runs fine on my BB and other phones , it just apple sucks, change the name to acai, it'll be better.
+Maria, how come forgetting eula? RIM is wrong when taking long respond to you, but It's good to filter all app without eula, this to protect consumer, and for quality control for the app too. What's the use having 400k app to browse while most of them junk app, open it up once, try, then delete. I like the way RIM control the app world.
I had the same issue with a Google Talk client I did for the PlayBook. Developing it was rather quick, but I submitted to the AppWorld on the 15th of June, and still nothing... I agree that they are difficult to contact.
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