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Patrick Hayes
I see you have the machine that goes BING!
I see you have the machine that goes BING!

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Wake up! We may be getting close to being legal!!!!

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love me some Luka Bloom!

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How many of you have things in your house or @ work that are just sitting idle and unused?  How about giving those things away to someone who will use them?

Yerdle is a fun app that connects your unused stuff to new homes.  I have been purging lots of little and big things the last few months.  

try it today and get free shipping on your first exchange.  

Saves the hassle of taking things to a thrift shop and beats the daylights out of disposal.

Use this link and get a special perk, 

G+ community, I need an older CA state flag to photograph.  I don't need a photo, I need a flag to drape in a particular way, then photograph.  

This could all be mute if one of you is a photoshop wiz and wants to manipulate a photo for me..........
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