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Walk the Redwood Forest of Muir Woods
I am not much of a “back to nature” kind of guy. It has been
close to 20 years since I have gone camping, and I am cool with Bear Mountain
being the extent of my hiking experience. But Muir Woods National Monument is a
totally different experience. William ...

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Why I have not yet seen Wonder Woman – It’s all about Gal Gadot
via I am a fan of superhero movies and tv. I have watched just
about every movie and series, if not when first out, then on demand. But I have
not been able to force myself to go see Wonder Woman. And it is all because of
Gal Gadot. I was lo...

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The Museums of Buffalo and Corning New York
At the end of my trip along the Erie Canal I had the chance
to spend some time exploring Buffalo, New York, and to stop at the Corning
Museum of Glass, in corning New York. I had not visited Buffalo in about 45
years, and I was impressed with some of the th...

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Visit some small museums in New York State
Arkell Museum by Bakrell1 vis Wikicommons While driving across New York following the Erie Canal, I had
the opportunity to stop at some of the smaller museums that are often missed by
tourists. This is one of favorite things about taking a road trip, gettin...

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Visit the Burden Iron Works Museum in Troy NY for a trip through industrial history
Last month I took a drive across New York, following the path
of the Erie Canal. The canal represented the start of the industrial revolution
in New York, providing raw materials and markets to allow the growth of
industry, especially in the Albany area. No...

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The Locks of the Erie Canal
There is something about setting a series of tasks for
yourself, especially if there is a time limit to complete them. It sets in your
mind. After an initial burst of energy it becomes zen, a focus that blocks out
other things. In this case I gave myself 33...

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Dale Chihuly at the New York Botanical Garden
Every year the New York Botanical Garden puts together a
special show that is on exhibit from spring to fall. Two years ago they offered
a show dedicated to Frieda Kahlo, her botanical paintings and her garden at the
Casa Azul. Last year the show was a trib...

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Visit Old Town Sacramento for a trip through California's History
The Wells Fargo Museum Last week, in our history of Sacramento, we visited the home
of the California Gold Rush. The gold rush of 1849 changed the face of the
state. Over 300,000 people moved to California in the five years between 1848
and 1853, most of wh...

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Sutter's Fort and Mill - Home of the Gold Rush
Why, you may ask, is Sacramento the capital of California?
Los Angeles is a bigger city, and San Francisco is much more interesting. To
find the answer we have to go back to the 1840’s, before California was a
state, before it was even part of the United St...
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