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Brau !
Art Manager at Liquid Development. Makes 3D art for video games and what not.
Art Manager at Liquid Development. Makes 3D art for video games and what not.

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+Deja Jones Happy birthday!!!!! i hope you are having a great time over there. :)

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Another Composition Excercise
 Didn't get to those last two.

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Composition Exercise.
Draw a layout of composition shapes, then spent 10 mins on each to come up with a doodle of something interesting to look at. Taken from Bobby Chiu idea.

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TPP Sketch - 40 mins
DD from TPP.

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Big Hero 6: Battle in the Bay 3DS
Well, the game i worked on is out now. Based on the movie BH6. Some screens and a doc i put together. Plus i'll add some of the art breakdowns soon enough. Let me know what you guys think. PDF write up of the art behind it.

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Brau ! commented on a post on Blogger.
I wish some of the plating on it was a different tone of purple.. maybe a more desaturated one to make areas of this pop. So far it looks the same for the most part all across. 

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First Art test video
Hey guys. So i put together a little vid of my progress. This is my first Video I set this lvl up to test the art and get the basic movement of the character working. Sorry it's at true res and a bit choppy. . I normally play it at 800x600 but i could no...

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Sci Fi Crate
Started this... just for fun. Did the whole blockout and model in Max, and then took it to Zbrush to add dents and wear to it. Now just to finalize a low poly and some textures. Should be fun. Let me know what you think.
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