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Victoria Harres
Communications, social media and content strategies leader.
Communications, social media and content strategies leader.

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Because Star Wars and PR go perfectly together. I love this piece the team and I created. It is good when you can work with people that make you a better person creatively. 

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Your press release can’t reach its full engagement potential unless you’re proactive in making it shareable, and that must start during the writing process. Here are three writing tips to help you create press releases worth sharing.

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Congratulations to +Six15 Technologies for this big win ... aka +Tim Moore !
It's official. I've joined Six15!

Six15 is *the world's leader in wearable optical displays* - specializing in Security, Public Safety, Medical and Logistics solutions. Learn more about each of these here:

Public Safety and Security:

Follow Six15 on all these cool places for the latest as we approach our June 15, 2015 press event!


For business opportunities and partnerships, contact Six15 at +1 585-500-4625

#wearables   #smartglasses   #enterprise  

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Wise words from +Rebecca Lieb. You have to be willing to invest in what you believe in. There is too much content out there to expect that your message is going to reach your target audience organically anymore.
"The days of organic propagation are waning or coming to an end...Throwing a little money into really great content, either to ensure it's really good and high quality (in terms of its production value), or ensuring it's seen is going to be increasingly necessary."+Rebecca Lieb  #cmworld   #prnewswire  

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#recommend !  +Stephanie Sammons knows her business.
It's here! Announcing the official launch of the Wired Advisor Podcast.

On this podcast, I interview financial industry leaders and innovators as well as financial advisors who are successfully leveraging digital and social media to grow their businesses.

I'll also be sharing my insights, tips, and strategies from my digital strategy work with hundreds of financial advisors, firms, and institutions.

Learn more about the show and how to subscribe by clicking the link below!

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Elicit and illicit are occasionally confused due to their similar pronunciation and spelling , which is why they are the focus of today’s #Grammar Hammer.

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This was a really interesting panel at #SXSW  this year. I was fascinated to hear that journalists using #Instagram  was a fairly new thing. It's especially useful when covering an event that needs real-time reporting (no time to get to a computer, download and edit photos). Gunttenfelder of the AP stated that his iPhone + Instagram is now his second camera. 

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PR Newswire recently asked journalists if #socialmedia was replacing traditional methods of getting news about companies they cover. The answer?  Not so much. 

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My take-aways from the recent +DFWSEM | DFW Search Engine Marketing Association 's State of Search conference.

#SEO is no longer about tricks, games and hats of black and white. It is now about broader business strategies that take careful planning and time to execute. It’s about your PR approach and your content marketing. It is about excellent user experience and creating content people will want to share.
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