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Matthew Graybosch
I'm a metalhead who writes sci-fi for metalheads. No elves, no damsels, and no bullshit. I also code for a living. (Spoiler warning: I drop spoilers when I talk about media. Deal with it.)
I'm a metalhead who writes sci-fi for metalheads. No elves, no damsels, and no bullshit. I also code for a living. (Spoiler warning: I drop spoilers when I talk about media. Deal with it.)

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Hi, everybody. Not only do I have a new website at, but I'm also starting fresh on Google+. If you want to keep following me, please follow the profile below.


Also, until 9/24, I will follow back anybody who follows my new profile, no questions asked. Feel free to poke around and take a look.

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I am not at all surprised, and I hope the American Medical Association and the US food industry get sued into bankruptcy. I can understand the food industry pushing this low-fat bullshit because it served their interests, but the AMA should have damned well known better.

Shit like this is why right-wingers can get away with fomenting anti-intellectualism, ignore experts, cast doubt on peer-reviewed science, and talk smack about the "reality-based community". 

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I've seen this play performed, and it is indeed relevant. 

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I can believe it. If I didn't have my writing and wasn't married, I might spend all of my time playing games too. Reality sucks, and I can't fix it, so why not opt out?

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My wife and are a lot older than we look. Here's us on our 101st honeymoon at Brighton in 1880.

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To +Kymberlyn Reed​ and anybody else interested in #blackhistory, have you seen this Civil War drama about a slave who must choose whether to follow his master to war and betray himself and his people by serving the Confederate cause ?

My wife Catherine and I saw a production of Father Comes Home from the Wars (parts 1-3) last night at the Open Theater of Harrisburg, PA.

We found it a thought-provoking, poignant, relevant, and surprising experience with powerful performances from every member of the cast. While familiarity with the original Odyssey isn't necessary, Susan-Lori Parks is liberal in her Homeric allusions, and even includes a shaggy dog story told by a character the audience is expected to believe is a shaggy dog that has somehow learned to talk.

I'll probably write more about this soon because Cat and I are still talking about it, but I wanted to share this now while it was fresh in my mind. Hero is a rich, meaty, complicated character, but so are Penny, Homer, and the Colonel.

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Do you support Trump or the alt-reich? Be an hero. Follow your leader straight to Hell. 

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The Dead Kennedys express my mood best this morning, since some alt-reich kiddie mistook my website's contact form for 4chan and decided to send me a nice long screed full of anti-Semitic endearments.

The sooner all these dumb fucks follow their leader and become an hero, the better off the rest of us will be.

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Incidentally, my old bass guitar is a Fender Squier. So was my younger brother Rory's guitar, if memory serves. I didn't know the history back in the 1990s, but I'm glad Fender brought back the Squier brand as their budget-friendly line of guitars and bass guitars.

Squiers might not have the street cred you get with a Fender, a Jackson, a Rickenbacker, an Ibanez, or a B. C. Rich. You might not see famous rockers endorsing the Squier as their instrument of choice. You probably won't get tens of thousands of dollars for a Squier at auction.

But when my little brother wanted a guitar for his 12th birthday and I wanted a bass for my 16th because he wanted to be the next Billie Joe Armstrong and I wanted to follow in the footsteps of Steve Harris and Cliff Burton, our father was able to give us solid instruments to learn on without breaking the bank.

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BTW, there's another meaning to "chickenhawk" that's applicable to many Republicans.
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