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Life's too short to learn .NET
Life's too short to learn .NET

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Is there some reason that arresting people on the street and handing out tickets is necessarily all that much more cost-effective than arresting them and putting them in jail? Probably not enough.

And how do you get 25 grams of pot back to the house when you're only allowed 15 grams of pot in the car? Makes no sense:

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While U wait:

Boffins are learning that the pattern of asteroid belts we have in our own system - one relatively warm one in the middle, followed by a larger, colder one well at the edge of the system, is repeated in other star systems. This suggest that perhaps systems with similar ring systems may have similar planetary systems. Exciting stuff!

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A note to my readers here:

In an attempt to lower the threshold of chaos in my life, particularly where Google is concerned, I have undertaken a migration of this account to one directly associated with my Google Apps for Domains account. Google assures me that this transition will be smooth.

In fact, they tell me that my Circles will all migrate and that your Circles which include me will be updated to reflect the new account. We shall see. In the meanwhile, I hope I see you on the other side of this much-needed change.


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If you were under the impression that Republican opposition to #Sandy relief was anything other than political, look no further than this article for why that's crap. Not only is it about politics, it is about Southern politics (really, the only politics that work for the Republicans, anymore) and sticking it to New York and New Jersey:

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Hoping this all works out well, I'd love to be able to get some nice photos of this:

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This is awesome. Just like meteorologists throw barium flares up into the upper stratosphere to study the pattern of air currents, NASA has figured out that following "solar-grazing comets," or comets which approach our Sun closely enough to enter it's magnetic fields, can help them study those magnetic fields. The deformation of the comet tail is the key:

Hey! If you like this, why not share with your circles? I'd appreciate it, fans!

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Call me a bit dubious of this report, but still interesting study data. Bombardment by radiation for the three year long trip that would be required to get a manned mission to the Red Planet may actually speed Alzheimer's in the astronauts who make the journey.

This may be overzealousness on the part of the headline writer. But that is the continuing challenge of writing about science discovery. You don't want to say anything "proves" anything, because that's not how science works. You don't want to oversell the discoveries made and you don't want to buy too deeply into the presumptions of the headline writer who came before you.

But you do need to capture the attention of a readership that already has plenty of news on its plate. And that sometimes means stretching a bit to make discoveries seem more relevant. Which may drag you right into the muck in spite of your best intentions:

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How I spent my New Year's Eve power outage.

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So sick of +***** accounts and all the crap. I will probably bow to pressure soon and switch my G+ account over to my GAD Google account, which I would have gladly done, had the option when I started.

That +***** still has yet to find an organized means of merging accounts is a goddamned shame. I got two out of three accounts because they were the price of admission for Google products, not because I wanted them.

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In having a change of heart on the gun control issue, I felt it was time to admit that most of my arguments against tighter restrictions on guns were complete horseshit. So, here they are:
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