Folks, it's time to get vocal... the fact is if you work in the tech industry you're being targeted by this bill. Your livelihood, your business, your future at risk.

Not only that, your friends, co-workers, business partners, business enemies are all at risk. We all have a lot to lose in this fight.

For folks that do not work in the tech field, think about how the innovations in the tech industry in the last 15+ years have drastically changed how you interact with friends, family, businesses and everything else. Imagine if the bill passes and random bits of that start disappearing, or new services/innovations can not come to fruition because investment is not available, or the services are shutdown under the law(s).

Our congress folks and other govt officials (Hillary Clinton for one) state that state sponsored censorship is wholly unamerican. That states like China, Iran, Egypt do a huge disservice to their populations in censoring on-line content and contacts... yet this set of bills aims to enforce the exact same regime as is in place in these 'repressive' locales.

Stand up, call, write, visit your local congress folks, tell them how you feel about this, tell them how THEY should feel about this! These bills are anathema to what America is... stop them, now.

(*Also, yes I signed the petition... please do as well, now. Share the link/content as far and wide as possible.)
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