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I am a Sleeping machine. :/

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so cool!
Secret World of Zoozimps

If you've ever used the Zoozimps theme in Gmail, you've surely spotted Gmail's secret inhabitants. After Gmail engineer +Manu Cornet found them, these big-nosed little guys made their way from their native island into the Gmail servers. Some of them run your filters and take out your trash. Others help you move messages or search your mail. And a few even work in the dark underbelly of the internet, fighting crime and keeping spam out of your inbox.

Click through the album to read more about them. Which Zoozimp are you? They're very friendly, so if you find a kindred zoospirit, you can invite them over to your Google+ profile by uploading them as your picture.
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I miss mom!

Maybe I don't want a rollercoaster life. Maybe I just want a peaceful life. :-|

I don't know if its worth the fight. :-/ Should I go on or look for something else? "Bombay Calling"? Damn!

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happens! :D
That was me two hours ago!!! - I think I need sleep or extra bold coffee.

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I get to be a big time girl when I play my Guitar. :))

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