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Let us suppose our presidential nominees were still chosen for us via the smoke-filled room (a method known in Sullivan’s mother country as the old-boy system). In 2016, on the Democratic side, our nominee would be Hillary Clinton. On the GOP side it would be Jeb Bush, a truly exciting prospect. In reality, of course, we have the direct primary system, but it has hardly given rise to a mob-instigated revolution: for 28 of the last 36 years, a Bush or a Clinton has occupied the presidency or the vice presidency, and we still have in Hillary the thrilling potential for a further eight years of the same dynastic dyad.
The patrician essayist blames Trump on "hyperdemocracy," completely oblivious of his own complicity in this tragedy
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Robert Cooper

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Yeah. These stores deserve it. That kind of stupidity needs to be punished.
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How should you combine two independent estimates of age (with different Variances)?
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By Daniel Hickey This extended post is the second in a series of post about my work with non-profit STEM education start up called Iridescent. In a previous post I describe their Curiosity Machine and an evaluation I ca...
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Long-Dreaded Superbug Found in Human and Animal in U.S.
A superbug that does not respond to the very last ditch antibiotics and that has been circulating in Asia and Europe arrives in the US.
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Some of those Cheetos have turned green.
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Have him in circles
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My dad died when I was eleven. 30-some odd years later, I honestly don't have a lot of really clear memories of him... But one of them is watching UK basketball then playing PacMan on the 2600 head to head till my hand hurt.
I am the oldest brother in my family, and I have lots of memories of playing video games with my younger brothers. We spent hours on end playing games together on Sega Genesis, PlayStation One, and the Xbox. I’ve got a fantastic animated short film called "Player Two" that “explores the relationship that develops between two brothers of differing age growing up, and how video games foster that bond.” The film was created Zachary Ant...
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While the 50 states have had their differences, and did try to murder each other that one time, we can mostly look at each piece of America as part of a rich tapestry, with each state’s distinct character adding to the whole.And now, thanks to some research by real estate web site Estately, we can s
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Loved "When is cinco de mayo".
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Nimoy later explained the core concept: “No dying, no fighting, no shooting, no photon torpedoes, no phaser blasts, no stereotypical bad guy.”

Can we make another of those?
The fourth feature film of the Star Trek franchise, The Voyage Home, was released in 1988. It immediately stood apart from the first three films, and its magic has never been duplicated. Conceived and directed by Leonard Nimoy, it highlighted each main character from the Original Series and used plenty of humor to contrast the 23rd century with 1980s San Francisco. And what little violence it contained turned out to be counterproductive. Who was ...
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Seriously? No "Welcome to the prime time, bitch"?
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A) Sure.
B) "Fewer than 10 percent of the staffs of Apple and Google are African-American."
Really? REALLY? The one time someone opts to use fewer, rather than less, and the STILL use it incorrectly.
Fewer than 10 percent of the staffs of Apple and Google are African-American.
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