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Fiction and the Mockingjay in Real Life
I have loved fiction for as long as I have had the mind to
love anything, and as a child, they molded my morals and priorities. Telling
stories and hearing them or reading them is about communicating more than just
cognitive information. Stories imprint upo...

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My Big Fat Journey
Fat acceptance. It has taken me a long time to be able to look at those two
words together, two words that have recently become a movement, and to feel
comfortable with them. After all, isn’t being fat unacceptable? I was raised
with this notion and became ...

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Let's all break the internet!
I know it's been awhile since I've posted, so I really wanted to make this one count. At almost seven months pregnant, I felt inspired by Kim Kardashian's recent photo shoot in  and my wonderful husband, Mark Nebo, decided to support me by part...

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"The BBC's Anne Soy in Mpeketoni says she was told the gunmen shot anyone who was unable to recite verses from the Koran."

In Kenya. I can't even imagine.

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This was so much fun. David, as always was a pleasure, and Courtney and JD were both fantastic. 

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Iraq...what are you doing?

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Another win for genetic modification. Reducing numbers of female malaria-spreading mosquitoes has potential.

Post has attachment be clear, I do believe the case against spanking has been made scientifically and philosophically. Additionally, I have a ten year old that I did spank when he was little and I have since come to the understanding that it is not effective or moral, and so I don't do it and won't do it ever again.
This doesn't mean I am the perfect mother or that I sometimes don't get really (really) angry at my kid. It doesn't mean that I spoil him or that he doesn't share in household responsibilities.
It just means that I try always to be better and to do better. It means that I am learning. It means that I change my mind with new information. That's called being a freethinker.

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More time spent sleeping is more effective for learning than more time spent studying. Get those ZZZs!

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