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Hey guys we just finished our locations page
We would love to get some opinions/suggestions... 

What are your thoughts?

Would you design it differently?

What has worked for you in the past? 
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Come on kitty were going for a walk
I wish I had a dog. My cats are outside and I really don't want to go out. So cold in Philly :)

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Lmfao.  "I know fluffy, we all have bad nights! I've got your back"
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To all my geeks with babies, this one's for you!

Get yours here:

#geek   #geekhumor   #geeklife   #hacking   #hackers  
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My local doctor used to teach at nova university and he told me that the students are booked in advanced. I think its awesome that these students are volunteering to help.
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If i fits, I si.... AAARGH

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Donnie Strompf

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Chuck Norris "One Ups" Van Dam
Grande Chuck Norris superando lo que hizo Jean C. Van Damme
Aquí en youtube: Greetings from Chuck (The epic christmas split)
#porquesomoshombres   #chucknorris   #jeanclaudevandamme  
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OMG !!!✌
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That moment when you fix a clients:
Duplicate Content
Crawl Errors
Unnatural Link Profile

Create great content that got interaction via outreach
Build a social presence
Fix tons of citations
Rebuild the site so it is responsive and user friendly
Fully optimize all the on page factors

And the clients site:
Falls from page 2 to page 4 for its main term after the 9 month you were working

Only to find that all the competitors on the first page are building BS links!

And you just wanna beat up Google. However your piers are all...
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Donnie Strompf

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lol for all you star wars fans...
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Donnie Strompf

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 Love this post from +David Harry!
This really is the future of search, Geotargeting + user behavior = personalized results that are timely (IMO amazing user experience).

Great possibilities for internet marketers.
Ok, sure... it's a bit pathetic, but I had a great time yesterday getting into this Google patent. There's some REALLY interesting bits in it and it sure makes one think where we're headed.

Small snippet to get ya started...

“the system can observe that a significant portion of users tend to shop for groceries and refill their vehicles with gas during weekends. In some implementations, the system may present the user with information related to grocery stores or gas stations (e.g., advertisements, coupons, promotions, locations or directions) near the user's home, as shown in the map 102d, during weekend periods. Such global information can be combined with observed user tendencies in various implementations, or may be used independently to predict user behavior and provide appropriate content accordingly. “
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The creepy aspect will always remain, as long as you have a smartphone your information is not private. 
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