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The universe is full of life and much of it is far more ancient than we will ever know! Aliens come to the earth, every day and have been coming for many thousands of centuries. We see the evidence in the hieroglyphs of Egypt. It is clear that people had contact with aliens then and we hear the testimonies of people who have had contact today, as well. Aliens exist!

If one landed and you walked out to meet the creatures, what would you say to them?

They would know, before they landed that ours is a society in which a small group oppresses the larger group and dominates them, lives parasitically, piles up hundreds of trillions of dollars that they don't need, while kids starve and die of thirst! They block inventions and deny us free energy so we can all become rich and live better. They hold back science and development, because they want exclusive access to the riches that the universe offers. This is clearly a group that is detrimental to all live, EVERYWHERE!

We must tell ten, every day! If each does this, we reach one billion people in no time, a day or two, a week or two, at most, depending upon how much people believe in the movement to be free!

I made this video to teach truth! It summarizes our current situation and it outlines the path to freedom! As a species, struggling to survive in a world where only one in a thousand succeeds and the rest fail, vanish and are forgotten, I describe the three groups so that the viewer can understand our condition and make the necessary changes.

Our movement must be non-violent! We have the means to decentralize all controls, the currency, the science. We can use the blockchain to make elections fair and if we fail to gain control, we will be one of those 999 civilizations out of every 1,000 that fail, vanish and are forgotten!
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