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Yesterday I had one of those rides that started off fine on my usual trails,but then quickly became something I couldn't put my finger on. Was my tire pressure too low? I adjusted. Was my fork and shock pressure too high? I adjusted. Still...the ride just wasn't right. The trail just wasn't riding the same.
What the hell could it be?! I mean I know I was sucking wind a little bit, but I just couldn't shake what was throwing this off. I pedaled on trying to let it go. I cleaned this short punchy climb and then decided to head back to my jeep.

Here is the lesson I took from this ride. Sometimes the mojo is off and for no good reason. Life can be random and unpredictable, however I believe for good reason. Was the Universe of higher self trying to send me a message? Later that afternoon I found out what it was.
So the next time your ride is off stop and take pause for a moment. Is it a simple equipment issue? A minor adjustment? Or is this something deeper? I learned that if the source of the feeling can't be traced then stay tuned.... Pay attention as the universe and or the higher self can and will send messages in a number of ways. During that pause on the trail ask the universe for you to be open to receive the necessary messages. You might be surprised what they are. " Hey Jason, it's time to buy a new bike". Someday......

Until then keep it classy and keep it real,


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From Singletrack to Soul Searching, I want to share my experiences on the trail and the many parallels to life's greatest lessons. Share your stories with me as we embark on one hell of a ride!

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Winter Migration
Winter Migration
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