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Photography & Creative Services — Reality is what you make of it!
Photography & Creative Services — Reality is what you make of it!

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A dear friend of mine just wrote a very touching article about how she struggles with #anxiety, #depression, and #PTSD. Please read and share this article with your friends. She describes how it feels, dealing with the daily challenges of these conditions. If you personally experience these issues, please know that you are not alone. If you aren't affected personally, this article will help you understand what some of your friends and loved ones deal with on a daily basis. Some of your good friends are probably struggling with these issues right now, and you don't even know.

Please, read and share this with everyone. The world needs more love and understanding.

Thank you!

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I'm so happy to announce that some of my recent conceptual art photography with model Michelle Smith has just been featured in Maleficent Beauty Magazine's July 2015 issue. We even made it onto the cover, and I'm the featured photographer for their "Liquefy My Soul" theme this month.

Click the photo link, to get a preview of the issue.

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I recently joined the private beta for the Ello social network. I really like the fact it was founded by artists and techs. If you're also on Ello, and you're posting creative or tech content, please friend me!  :)

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Wu-Tang Clan — Insanity, or Genius?

Wu-Tang Clan plan to produce only one copy of their new double album, and then sell that single copy for millions of dollars! They're promoting it as unique and original work of art, even planning to exhibit the album in various museums, before they finally put it up for sale. The only way to hear the new album, is to pay admission to one of the museums to hear it played, or to be wealthy enough to be the only person who buys the album!


#music   #art   #wutangclan   #marketing  

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Qiet's "Pet Driftwood" Receives 5-Star Review

London based music critic, +Mandy Southgate has written a witty and glowing review of +TheBand Qiet's new album, "Pet Driftwood (Composition #8)". The review has been simultaneously published by Seattle Pi, Blog Critics, and others. She rated the album 5 stars, and also used one of my photos of +Christopher Vincent playing piano at the top of her review. (Of all the thousands of photos ever taken of Qiet, it does feel nice to see one of my photos leading the article.)

Check out the review, and definitely check out the band Qiet if you haven't already. Their new album sounds great, and their live performances are simply brilliant. Audiences are deeply entranced whenever they take the stage.

If you want your very own copy of "Pet Driftwood" — and who wouldn't? — you can conveniently find it on Amazon and iTunes:

Pet Driftwood on Amazon:

Pet Driftwood on iTunes:

The Review:

...and here also:

The Band:
+Christopher Vincent , +Alasha Al-Qudwah , +Lacey Hazel , +Max Venoy , +James Maddox , +Rafe Godfrey 

#albumrelease   #albumreview   #Qiet   #amazon   #itunes   #music   #musicians  

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Fred Phelps is Dead!

Westboro Baptist Church founder, Fred Phelps, has died at the age of 84. His church was notorious for picketing the funerals of gay people, the funerals of fallen USA soldiers, and others. Now, my first question is: Will anyone be picketing his funeral?

My second question would be:  Now that he's passed away, will the Westboro Baptist Church eventually stop picketing the funerals of others?

#westborobaptistchurch   #fredphelps   #dead  

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New Album by +TheBand Qiet is on ITunes!

"Pet Driftwood (Composition #8)" is the new album by +TheBand Qiet. You can find it on iTunes, at the link below. If you've never heard Qiet before, you really should give them a listen! Their style is unique. It's perhaps best described as a thinking man's mixture of danceable gypsy-punk, rock & roll, and vaudevillian stylings

#qiet   #music   #newmusic   #itunes  

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Korg is bringing back the ARP Odyssey!

They even hired one of the original co-founders of ARP Instruments (David Friend) as the chief adviser for the project. David Friend was the lead designer of the original ARP Odyssey. So, this should have every chance of being an excellent recreation of the original instrument.

ARP was one of the most respected analog synthesizer manufacturers. In the early 80s, the company was purchased by Fender (the guitar company). Fender quite honestly didn't know what to do with a synthesizer company, and killed production on new synthesizer gear after releasing only one new instrument, the Chroma Polaris. I happen to own a Chroma Polaris. It was designed by ARP engineers just before the corporate buyout, but manufactured and sold under the Fender brand.

It will be nice to finally see some brand new gear sporting the ARP name again!

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"Get Found" — with Qiet

Qiet is a very talented up and coming band with many diverse influences. This is their new video, and I want everyone to check it out. I've been fortunate enough to see them perform live on multiple occasions, and the crowd always totally loves them. They're building a very solid following. It's very interesting to see the direction this video takes with this song. Check out their video on YouTube, and leave them a nice comment for them there. Better yet, share their video if you like it!


Qiet- "Get Found"

#Qiet   #musicvideo  
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