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Our district plans on implementing a Chromebook Take Home Policy for our HS students beginning with the 2018/19 school year. I'm curious to learn about set policies and procedures your district has put into place regarding action steps for those students who don't bring their device to school, and/or for those students whose device isn't charged. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Looking for some help on how best to "auto send" a message to students when they are allowed to take a make-up quiz. Situation: the teacher has students complete test corrections, then submit those corrections via Google Forms. The teacher would like to be able to automatically notify the student(s) that they have been cleared to take the test again. He's not dead set on using Forms-- could be some other tool. Any ideas?

Good morning. Anybody know of a way to "animate" a chart to show its changes as a smooth flow? Chart was built using Google Sheets.

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Monday, August 22
TEKS: (Objective) 1. Complete this warm- up 2. Watch this video 3. Take this test

Post any questions you may still have regarding the design of the future high school as we move forward in the process.  

Please use the comments section below to begin building a "word cloud" for what we expect for our new HS space.

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Check out Swivl!  Great way to record instructional videos for  your students.

What I learned from touring Northwest ISD's Eaton High School:
1. glass walls do NOT overly distract the students
2. glass walls DO cause some safety concerns if the school is placed in a dangerous situation (hopefully, that never happens but it still needs to be addressed . . .)
3. Students reported that they enjoy the freedom their teachers give them during class time-- freedom to move out into opens spaces when working independently or in groups.
4. Teachers are struggling a bit to get student buy-in to the idea of student led problem solving. Teachers love the idea, but some students still struggle with taking the lead role in their own education.
5. Designing an educational building by grade level works very well-- Eaton students like it as do the teachers.
6. At Eaton, specialty classes (i.e. Athletics, Fine Arts, Ag, elective classes) are located on one floor; academic classes are located on a separate floor.

Hello, all.  Please don't hesitate to add any info, ideas, etc. to this discussion stream regarding our district's current project: the design of our future high school.  Once this project is complete this community will continue to serve as a hub for any and all new things that develop within our school district.

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Wondering if anybody can help with this: PDF is uploaded/converted to GDocs format.  Students can open file and view it, but interspersed throughout the document are some Arabic (?) type characters.  How can we keep this from occurring? Here's the link:
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