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Twilight Switch OR Light Sensitive Switch

The timely operation of street lights, porch lights and other forms of
outdoor illumination is required for the twin concerns of safety and 
environment protection; lights operated too late are a safety hazard,
while lights operated too early are a waste of power. The switching on 
and off of external lighting can be set automatically with the help of 
the device called Twilight Switch.

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The system works on the principle of detecting the ambient light level 
by means of light sensor and switching the connected Light lamps. the daylight level measured by a special sensor falls below a set 

The Twilight Switch also makes your life easier when you’re at home. No more need to go around and manually turn Outdoor Lighting “on” and  “off”.
Twilight switch automatically turn on and off the light at dusk and 
dawn, respectively. They are particularly convenient for use in 
illumination systems of houses, shops and advertisements,They are 

especially useful in places accessible to the public (parks, car parks, 
entrance halls, courtyards, Gardens)etc. The twilight switches save 
your money and help to protect the environment by reduction of power consumption.

The light sensor system is active throughout the year, so you can?t forget to activate it. Very useful when leaving unexpectedly or for a 
long period of absence. Ready to use within a minute, there is no need 
to program.
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