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April 29th, 2-4pm, Poetry & Music Salon @Palmerston Library Theatre!
So happy that Tricia Postle is our featured musician! And Ian Burgham our Guest Poet! It'll be an amazing afternoon. Hosted by Luciano Iacobelli. I'll be doing a longer performance from Tidal Fury accompanied by the maestro violinist, Tom Gannon Hamilton. S...

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Finally, a website in the making...
Last summer I began the attempt to create a new website for my art and writing. Wordpress proved daunting as I purchased a portfolio template that I was not able to master. The months ticked by. At last, I somehow hit on the right search terms, and Google d...

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Performing 'Dance of the Sarong' from my book, Tidal Fury (Guernica, 2016), @ my last Poetry & Music Salon

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Open Book Interview on Tidal Fury
Somehow, I missed the publication of this Open Book interview with me on Tidal Fury last October. I just found it. Many thanks to Open Book ! As it was posted 5 months ago, I think to share the whole interview here. NEWS AND INTERVIEWS The In Character inte...

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Tidal Fury Features this Spring
Lovely to see Tidal Fury on the shelves at Indigo (Bloor and Bay)! I signed them. A bunch of features are lined up this Spring and I am gearing up to perform from Tidal Fury for you and, I hope, to entertain, elevate and inspire you all! March 7th (my birth...

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The Process: Close Up Portraits of Three Women
direct link: Close Up Portraits of Three Women: the process During the months working on these small portraits, I took photos, and one video, along the way. Thought it would be fun to collect them in a single slideshow video. From the sketches to the finish...

All my saved beloved G+ friends in all my special circles are totally gone. They were not migrated to "Collections." It is hard to come by here. There's no longer a 'return to classic G+' option.

My carefully ordered photographs in my Picasa albums, which span a decade or longer, are all messed up in Google Photos, the ordering is bizarre.

It makes me weep. It's like being away and coming home to find your place ransacked.

What is going on with Google these days?

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Working on these portraits, I took photos & a video along the way. Thought it would be fun to collect them in a single slideshow video.
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