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The tree in the cover pic was photgraphed by my bro. CC license applies.

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Mache schon seit ewig mit Handfilter!
Filterkaffee liegt wieder im Trend. Aber wie schmeckt er besonders gut? Mit der Maschine oder von Hand gebrüht?

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Sollten die durchziehen.
Es wird händeringend nach Unterkünften für Flüchtlinge gesucht. Die Kommunen dürfen hierfür sogar Gebäude beschlagnahmen, die im Privatbesitz sind.

I want to change my cover photo, but I don't really get when it takes and when not. sigh

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Have yet to read what's behind the links, but I thought I'd share it in case there's anyone who can judge this:
Apparently confirmed. If Google force a European Account Holder to have a public Google Profile with their "real name" on it, they are BREAKING THE LAW. Read below. US account holders should write a letter to Larry Page and the Board of Google to pressure them into changing their policy.

If you're an EU Google Account holder, you can write a complaint to your local Google offices, then if they fail to reply and take corrective action, take them to your EU nation's information commission. You can find their offices here - so start the letter writing.

Just checking over this, but it does look like "Google Profiles" breaches european privacy law, specifically "The Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003"'s section 18 on directories of subscribers. Basically, anyone running a communications service in the EU who publishes a public directory, has to allow subscribers an opt-out from this directory or allow them to be entirely selective as to what if any information is published about them.

Update: As Google operate Gmail and Gtalk services to EU subscribers, they are covered by this legislation. It does look airtight, Google are required by EU law to allow the subscribe full control over what is and is not made public on their profile. And they may even require google to make their profile entirely private.

Please re-share this.

Update 2: I have contacted the Data Commissioner's office, and have been instructed I do appear to have a legitimate grounds for complaint against Google, as does any other EU account holder, and I should write a written complaint to their offices at

Data Protection Officer

Google London
Google UK Ltd
Belgrave House
76 Buckingham Palace Road
London SW1W 9TQ
United Kingdom

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Something useful I found in regards to Google Plus privacy settings. While the accompanying text is in German, the stuff that's important is in English. Feel free to share around.

Japan won the Women's world cup - hoorah! That was an awesome game.

Funniest RT on twitter today?

RT @theJeremyVine: INSTALLING SUMMER..... ███████████████░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ 44% DONE.
Installation failed. 404 error: Season not found.

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